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<nettime-ann> urbanpilgrims.org/wien 11.05.-24.06.2007
Angela Dorrer on Tue, 8 May 2007 16:27:32 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> urbanpilgrims.org/wien 11.05.-24.06.2007

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exhibition, website, survey, guided tours, performances

Based on an interactive and continuously growing online archive that is generated by the inhabitants of a place, urbanilgrims.org researches individual stories of urban space and interweaves them with real space - guided tours in public using performance/ gesture/sound, photographs, as well as discussions with guests/audiences and an installation. On an online questionnaire and map of the city visitors are asked about their personal experiences in relation to specific locations of their choice. Naturally, and through the accumulation of answers, issues of power relationships, space structures, image production and forms of urban appropriation will be addressed. The results of the questionnaire-responses will be structured according to different key-words to easily facilitate access to the information. The questionnaire is adapted throughout the project and tailored to specific issues that want to be addressed by the community. Individual experiences become a public field which generates a new cartography of the place.

Urban Pilgrims are interested in finding aspects, images and moments that are characteristic of place. They want to come closer to the subconscious and collective knowledge, the aim is to converge site-specifically to the genius loci of the location. The genius loci (latin: genius = (protective) spirit, loci = genitiv singular of locus = place) was historically the protective spirit of a place. It was often depicted as a snake. In contemporary usage, genius loci usually refers to a location's distinctive atmosphere, or a 'spirit of place`. (source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

'Angela Dorrer's Pilgrimage digs into the strata of urban myth and anecdote. Responding to a survey model it does not propose a 'more true' reading of the urban landscape. Instead it gives the viewer a glimpse of a particular subjectivity, a part of which is the viewer's own. Dorrer dislocates her project from totalistic narratives and instead aims for a pilgrimage tracing a constellation across the urban environment, responding to traces collected through her survey and the tales of those surveyed.` (Marc Clintberg, Montreal 2006)

With Vienna is starting an internationally planned series. The next cities are Montreal and Copenhagen. Every city originates a complete new series of works. 

BlumbergÂ, blumberggasse 20, A - 1160 Wien 
11.05.-24.06.2007, ErÃffnung Freitag 11.05., 19:00
Installation: Angela Dorrer 
with works of Isabel Becker, Judith Fegerl, Barbara Husar, Gerd Gerhard Loeffler, mschuber, monochrom, Doris Steinbichler, vice versa (Gertrude Moser-Wagner/Beverly Piersol)

The pilgrimages adopt the form of the traditional religious pilgrimage - a journey with several stations. They are a combination of a guided art-tour, punctuated with discussion, performative gesture, and occasionally specific food or music. 

19.05.07, Wo die Sonne nie unterging. Multikulturelles Wien und ParallelitÃten. 
Guest: Parvis Amoghli (author, Vienna/cologne), 16:00 â 19:00, 20:00 pilgrims theme-meal
BlumbergÂ, blumberggasse 20, A - 1160 Wien,

26.05.07, Es wird der Wein sein. Wien Deine Depressiven. 
Guest: Gerd Gerhard Loeffler (Host Prof. der ALL*-Akademie), 16:00 â 19:00, 20:00 pilgrims theme-meal 
BlumbergÂ, blumberggasse 20, A - 1160 Wien,

02.06.07, Bin im Leo. Wien - Raum fÃr KÃnstler und Intellektuelle? 
Guest:Elke Krasny (Kulturtheoretikerin, Wien), 16:00 â 19:00, 20:00 pilgrims theme-meal
BlumbergÂ, blumberggasse 20, A - 1160 Wien,

09.06.07, Das FÃnfte Tor zur Unterwelt. Zwielicht und Halbwelten. Gast: N.N., 16:00 â 19:00, 20:00 pilgrims theme-meal	
BlumbergÂ, blumberggasse 20, A - 1160 Wien,

- b u s  p i l g r i m a g e â 

17.06.2007, 17:00 - 20:00, 20:00 pilgrims theme-meal	
sonntags 191/urbanpilgrims.org 
hosted by Az W Architekturzentrum Wien
meeting point: 16:45 Uhr Museumsshop im MQ, Museumsplatz 1, A - 1070 WIEN 
Tickets 18/14 â, reservation 1/522 31 15 12, kuzmany {AT} azw.at
Concept, design, update, realisation: Angela Dorrer 
Programming, technical and support: Patrick Gruban 
tel 0043-650-5145356, mail: info {AT} urbanpilgrims.org, Info: urbanpilgrims.org

BlumbergÂ, blumberggasse 20, A - 1160 Wien, 0699/11 36 41 10

urbanpilgrims.org is supported by the city of Vienna Wien Kultur MA 7, the festival Sohoinottakring, monochrom and AzW Architekturzentrum Wien.

Angela Dorrer, Max Weber Platz 9, 81675 Munich
[email] angela {AT} andorrer.de
[april-july07] c/o BlumbergÂ, blumberggasse 20, 1160 Wien
[cell] +43-(0)-650-5145356
[skype] angela.dorrer  [e-fax] +49-(0)-12120-248202
[www] andorrer.de, urbanpilgrims.org, programangels.org (2000-2005)

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