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<nettime-ann> Environment 2.0 Talks at Futuresonic 2007
drew on Fri, 11 May 2007 19:10:14 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Environment 2.0 Talks at Futuresonic 2007


Part of the Social
Technologies Summit
Contact Theatre
12 May 2007

The sustainability of future arts and technologies is at stake!  Come join
our group of exciting speakers as they introduce plans to provide mobile
phones with new "super-senses" so that you and I can join together to
monitor environmental change, take eco-clubbing to the next level with
an electricity-generating dancefloor, and explore if the internet is part of
the problem or part of the solution.

Environment 2.0 Keynote :

Eric Paulos - ?Participatory Urbanism: Empowering Everyday Civic
Engagement and Promoting Wonderment?

Our mobile devices are more than just personal communication tools.
They are globally networked, speak the lingua franca of the city (SMS,
Bluetooth, MMS), and are becoming the dominant urban processor. We
need to shatter our understanding of them as phones and celebrate
them in their new role as measurement instruments. Our desire is to
invigorate our mobile devices with new ?super-powers? and ?super-senses?
by enabling a wide range of physical sensors to be easily attached and
used by anyone, especially non-experts. This talk will present a selection
of foundational work in the field of Urban Computing and address an
important new shift in mobile device usage from communication tool to
?personal-super-computer-radio-station- with-sensors?. We demonstrate
how these ?instruments? create an influential new paradigm of Participatory
Urbanism - empowering everyday citizens to become proactive in their
involvement with neighborhood, city, and planet. Finally, we expose the
impact of Participatory Urbanism with the design of a mobile tool for
authoring, sharing, and remixing air quality measurements on-the-go
with a focus on environmental awareness, sustainability, and green



Environment 2.0 :

Environment 2.0 is a new international initiative seeking to explore the
sustainability of future arts and technologies. It is a part of a 3 year
project by Futuresonic seeking to minimise the environmental impact of
the Futuresonic festival and also to explore broader issues connecting
Futuresonic's interest in mobile and social technologies with the new
urgency surrounding climate change.

In Environment 2.0 two worlds collide. When the environment is mapped,
tagged and digitised it becomes navigable, computable and manipulable.
How can this approach to environment, one which is iconic for our times,
be reconciled with the need to address climate change?

The heat has been rising, and now the world is waking up to realities of
climate change, long predicted but until now too easy to ignore. The
religious zeal on both sides of the debate has left many rooted to the
spot. Luckily there are a lot of bright sparks out there, a thousand
points of light, wanting to multiply, link up and create a path.

More and more people are engaging in the environment and climate
change, in creative and often unexpected ways. People are taking positive
steps on ground level, showing how in addition to cutting air miles, there
are imaginative ways in which you can make a difference.


10-12 May 2007
Contact Theatre

The 'ideas strand' of the Futuresonic festival, the Social Technologies
Summit, brings together leading figures to explore "a whole new way of
doing things in the air".



Delegate Pass (includes £30 Weekender Wristband)
Student Delegate Pass
++Fixed number of Day Passes available each day on a Pay-What-You-Can basis.

The Delegate Pass gives you access to the Social Technologies Summit,
all Futuresonic seminars and talks, and all Futuresonic Live and Urban Play
events over the festival weekend.

Conference places limited - advance booking essential.

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