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<nettime-ann> The Aesthetic Interface - conference in Aarhus, Denmark
Mason Dixon on Fri, 11 May 2007 19:15:09 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> The Aesthetic Interface - conference in Aarhus, Denmark

From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?S=F8ren_Pold?= <pold {AT} multimedia.au.dk>
Subject: The Aesthetic Interface - conference in Aarhus, Denmark

*The Aesthetic Interface*

**9-13 May 2007* *


*Aarhus University, Denmark*

The interface is the primary cultural form of the digital age. Here the
invisible technological dimensions of the computer are given form in
order to meet human perception and agency. This encounter is enacted
through aesthetic forms stemming not only from the functional domains
and tools, but increasingly also from aesthetic traditions, the old
media and from the new media aesthetics. This interplay takes place both
in software interfaces, where aesthetic and cultural perspectives are
gaining ground, in the digital arts and in our general technological
culture -- keywords range from experience oriented design and creative
software to software studies, software art, new media, digital arts,
techno culture and digital activism.
This conference will focus on how the encounter of the functional and
the representational in the interface shapes contemporary art,
aesthetics and culture. What are the dimensions of the aesthetic
interface, what are the potentials, clashes and breakdowns? Which kinds
of criticism, aesthetic praxes and forms of action are possible and
The conference is accompanied by an exhibition and workshops.

*Christian Ulrik Andersen(DK)*: 'Writerly gaming' -- social impact games*=
*Inke Arns* *(DE):* Transparency and Politics. On Spaces of the
Political beyond the Visible, or: How transparency came to be the lead
paradigm of the 21st century**
*Morten Breinbjerg* *(DK)*: Music automata: the creative machine or how
music and compositional practices is modelled in software**
*Christophe Bruno* *(F):* Collective hallucination and capitalism 2.0**
*Geoff Cox* *(UK)*: Means-End of Software**
*Florian Cramer* *(DE/NL)*: What is Interface Aesthetics?**
*Matthew Fuller* *(UK)*: The Computation of Space**
*Lone Koefoed Hansen* *(DK)*: The interface at the skin**
*Erkki Huhtamo* *(USA/Fin)*: Multiple Screens -- Intercultural
Approaches to Screen Practice(s)**
*Jacob Lillemose* *(DK):* Interfacing the Interfaces of Free Software.
X-devian: The New Technologies to the People System**
*Henrik Kaare Nielsen* *(DK):* The Interface and the Public Sphere**
*S=F8ren Pold* *(DK)*: Interface Perception**
*Bodil Marie Thomsen* *(DK)*: The Haptic Interface**
*Jacob Wamberg* *(DK)*: Interface/Interlace, Or Is Telepresence

*Organised by*: The Aesthetics of Interface Culture, Digital Aesthetics
Research Center, TEKNE, Aarhus Kunstbygning, The Doctoral School in Arts
and Aesthetics, .

*Supported by:* The Danish Research Council for the Humanities, The
Aarhus University Research Foundation, The Doctoral School in Arts and
Aesthetics, Aarhus University's Research Focus on the Knowledge Society,
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