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<nettime-ann> iMagine in May 17-19, 2007 in CAC Vilnius
Rael Artel on Fri, 18 May 2007 19:16:48 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> iMagine in May 17-19, 2007 in CAC Vilnius



Date: May 17?19, 2007
Venue: CAC Vilnius

A workshop envisioning the potencies of artistic creativity for producing
social reality.

iMagine is the second event in the series of Public Preparation project:
the public preparation phase for the upcoming Biennale of Young Artists in
Tallinn in October 2007. Public Preparation is a sequence of informal
encounters which at the same time constitutes the publicly visible
preparation process of the Biennale as well as the course of preparing and
educating the public for the Biennale.

3-day-workshop iMagine gathers ca 30 art professionals from Estonia,
Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.  Each workshop day will be conducted by one
contemporary art professional and enacted by all participants. It is aimed
to become a 'total environment' with its own rules, obstructions and ways
to generate meanings and ideas. iMagine focuses on discussion, exchanging
ideas and sharing opinions rather than producing art objects. The workshop
will be structured as a non-hierarchical knowledge-oriented environment
that will develop ideas and ideals regarding the role of artists in
contemporary society. The workshop will deal with issues like the concepts
of ?legality? and ?illegality? in creative practice; the consequences of
psychoanalytic theory for art and politics; the role and limits of
exhibition format etc.

iMagine also serves as a meeting machine for younger generation art 
professionals based in Baltic States and Poland. We would like to imagine
iMagine as a huge warm swimming pool full of progressive ideas, coffee
breaks, topical topics of contemporary art, younger generation art
professionals, provoking questions, experience of collective working
practice and participation, relevant theories, and contacts of new friends
and collaborators.

Tutors: Aaron Schuster, philosopher and art critic, Brussels; Simon
Sheikh, curator, Berlin/Copenhagen; Mara Traumane, curator, Berlin/Riga.

For further information please check www.biennaleofyoungartists.org.

iMagine is organised in collaboration with  Biennale of Young Artists,
Tallinn (www.biennaleofyoungartists.org), CAC Vilnius (www.cac.lt) and
CAIC Vilnius (www.ldm.lt).

The team of organisers:
Rael Artel (independent curator, co-curator of the Biennale of Young
Artists, Public Preparation, Pärnu)
Virginija Januskeviciute (Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius)
Airi Triisberg (freelance researcher, co-organiser of Public Preparation,
Dovile Tumpyte (Contemporary Art Information Centre of Lithuanian Art
Museum, Vilnius)

iMagine was kindly supported by
Centre for Contemporary Arts, Estonia
Estonian Cultural Endowment,
Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts

Forever Yours,
Rael Artel
+ 372 56 229 213
moskva80 {AT} moskva80.com

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