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INTERVAL07 - Call for Submissions

Turnstile - Single Use
An Interval platform event


Turnstile is a new concept in art tourism - an innovative exhibition format developed around the idea that most people only visit an exhibition once.

Turnstile utilises this observation as an approach and redesigns the approach to an exhibition, mimicking an audiences actions and flow.

Turnstile will consist of a series of 4 single-day exhibitions. Each day will see 5 artists install, exhibit and remove their work from the venue. This style of event is new and innovative, responsive to tight schedules and busy lifestyles. The space will be open for preview each evening from 5-9pm, after which the work will be removed ready for the next 5 artists to install. Each day is sub themed, aiming to explore different contextual approaches around the notion of Single Use (Please see website or submission form for details).

Time is throwaway, a disposable and low valued commodity. Many contemporary objects and experiences are designed for single use, nurturing a short term, disposable society, a culture of quick consumption and fickle fashions.

Art and media are often viewed in a similar way. Many people only visit exhibitions once, absorbing as much of the experience as possible, lingering if it interests them. Interval is interested in work with this 'one off' culture in mind; this may be representative in the materials used, the critical approach, or even the consideration of a 'one off' as something precious and cherishable.

Turnstile responds to the hidden positives in the above demise, providing 4 intensive and concentrated time slots for artists to show their work. This shortens the window in which an audience gets to see a piece of work, and for the artists places more emphasis on creativity and experimentation instead of semi-permanent, installed, polished work. Overall, this aims to create an ongoing flow of ideas and topics for discussion in the space instead of static content.

Interval invites artists working in new media to submit works that respond to one or more of the 4 themes under 'Single Use', which are:
Successful Failure
Everything Must Go
Outside of Parallel
Portable Rest

The selected work will be showcased in an exhibition in July 2007 in an empty retail space in Central Manchester, UK.

A fee of 50 GBP is available for each participating artist (subject to funding).

Interval is an independent artist led platform with a focus on new media practice. Established in 2005, it acts as a critical springboard, offering collaborative exhibition opportunities to both emergent and established practitioners using technology as a key component within their work.

For more information and a detailed brief please see: www.interval.org.uk and go to Upcoming Events

Or download guidelines and a submission form here:

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