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<nettime-ann> Call for Work: Overlap 06 - Rx Gallery
jessicaallee on Thu, 7 Jun 2007 01:56:29 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Call for Work: Overlap 06 - Rx Gallery

Studio 27 is looking for short experimental films and videos for Overlap 06, an art event that will take place at the Rx Gallery in San Francisco on June 23rd, 2007. Sponsored by overlap.org, this one night festival is a continuation of a series of live events which are programed to showcase independent music and art. Please see overlap.org for more information on past and upcoming events. Studio 27's collaboration will provide a curated screening of works by film and video artists who are dedicated to experimentation, and whose art reflects a spirit of exploration. The screening will take place within the standing room environment of the Rx Gallery in the Tenderloin, and will have a dedicated high-lumen projector and film screen featured at the front of the room. It will stand separate from the audio art and music featured at different times during the evening. The focus of this program is to promote the re-defining of "screening space."

We are requesting work less than 7 minutes in length.

Please send all materials noted below to our mailing address no later than June 20th, 2007. We will consider previewing on-line submissions ONLY if you
include all requested descriptions and related data at the time of preview, AND you can provide a screening copy, sent by mail, by the deadline date of June 20th.

- a Playable DVD (all region) or MiniDV (NTSC) copy, labeled with director's name, title, duration, original format, country of origin, and year of production.
- a brief description of the work.
- a SASE, if you would like your materials returned to you (only U.S. mail will be returned).

Mail to:
Jessica Allee
Studio 27
588 Sutter Street, #11
San Francisco, CA 94102

E-mail Contact:
jessicaallee {AT} studio27.org

For more information and an archive of our events at 689 Bryant Street, San Francisco, please visit studio27.org

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