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<nettime-ann> irational activities around Glasgow this weekend
Inke Arns on Sat, 16 Jun 2007 01:43:26 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> irational activities around Glasgow this weekend


Irational.org invites you to liberate the horizontal this weekend and join them on various elevated activities around the city of Glasgow.

SATURDAY 16th June at 3.00 pm
Tour de Fence.
Become intimate with Glasgow's vertical surfaces on an urban climbing tour.
Meet at 350 Sauchiehall St.

SATURDAY 16th June at 8.00 pm
Seminar: Sport, Art and the Praxis of The Proletariat.
Discuss artist?s physical interrogations of the urban landscape vs Sunday afternoon football.
With Heath Bunting, Mark Saunders, Jim Colquhoun, Rachel Baker and Kate Rich.
Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA), Glasgow.

SUNDAY 17th at 12.00 pm
Cube Cola Demo.
Learn how to create your own cola product and retail distribution model.
With Kate Rich.
Meet at The 78, 10-14 Kelvinhaugh Street.

SUNDAY 17th at 3.00 pm
Tree-climbing in graveyards: new perspectives on death.
With Jim Colquhoun.
Meet at 350 Sauchiehall St.

Call +44(0)7970 597 032 if you get lost.


Dr. Inke Arns
Künstlerische Leiterin / Artistic Director
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T ++49 (0) 231 - 823 106
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inke.arns {AT} hmkv.de

Don't miss these shows when travelling (to) Europe this summer:

/////// History Will Repeat Itself ////// Strategies of re-enactment
in contemporary (media) art and performance, HMKV at PHOENIX Halle
Dortmund/D, 9 June - 23 Sep 2007, www.hmkv.de

////// irational.org ////// Tools, Techniques and Events 1996-2006,
CCA Glasgow/GB, 16 June - 21 July 2007, www.cca-glasgow.com

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