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<nettime-ann> TAGallery 003_link.of.thought_thought.of.link... | CONT3XT.NET.NEWS #09.07

TAGallery 003_link.of.thought_thought.of.link...


TAGallery by CONT3XT.NET extends the idea of a tagged exhibition and transfers the main tasks of noncommercial exhibition spaces to the discourse of an electronic data-space. The method of tagging allows the attribution of artworks to different thematic fields. EXHIBITION_003 was tagged/curated by Ursula Endlicher and Ela Kagel, who started the blog Curating NetArt in May 2006 as ongoing conversations about various topics surrounding media arts. Their exhibition " link.of.thought_thought.of.link..." for TAGallery is an extension of this blog in dialogue-form and a meta-curatorial statement of their perspective on the challenges of curating media/net/art.


Curator's dialogue

Curator's bio/CV

Curator's blog



For TAGallery we were interested in applying the format of our blog – a dialog between the two of us summarizing and juxtaposing experiences/venues/observations surrounding net art as well as media and digital arts at large – to the idea of curating. As we bounced back and forth our thoughts, we were letting ourselves get inspired by the previously mentioned context. We were introducing and debating net art, physical or virtual locations as "gallery" space, or documentations concerning web-based questions, for this exhibition. This procedure turned out to be quite intriguing, as it, over time, could stimulate more than one response, and form some kind of tree-structure.

It was important to us to keep a lively discussion open, and bring in a variety of different works, artists, organizations, and galleries. We were interested in a brainstorming model, and in a spontaneous "blog" model of curating, where every thought leads to a new thread. Our technique takes inspiration by exquisite-corpse by the surrealists, but plays it by its own rules. Instead of concealing the part that was written we used it as some sort of chain-reaction, very much also, again, like in threads and comments within a blog; Therefore in our curating model each collaborator adds sequentially a new choice of links. Our focus is to link thoughts, while thinking of a new link...

With projects/works by

UBERMORGEN/Alessandro Ludovico/Paolo Cirio, Jo-Anne Green/Helen Thorington (Turbulence), Aleksandra Domanovic/Oliver Laric/Christoph Priglinger/Georg Schnitzer, Cornelia Sollfrank, Eva Grubinger/Thomas Kaulmann, 0100101110101101 (Eva and Franco Mattes), Ruth Catlow/Marc Garrett (Furtherfield), Graffiti Research Lab, Mushon Zer-Aviv/Dan Phiffer



Ela Kagel is digital media producer & curator in Berlin. She is a member of Public Art Lab Berlin and co-initiator of the Mobile Studios project. Online since 1996, Ela has focused her work on the intersection of art and technology - with a special interest on digital culture. On this basis she has created interface structures and concepts for various cultural events: media art exhibitions, networked performances, mobile applications, television formats, ambient computing or multimedia exhibition design – very often in combination. Besides her work with Public Art Lab, Ela is a curator and researcher in international media arts. In September 2006, Ela has initiated Upgrade! Berlin, a series of public field trips to media art places in Berlin along with a growing online resource.

Ursula Endlicher is a conceptual "multiple-media" artist working on the intersection of Internet, performance and multi-media installations. She is living and working in New York. Having used the Internet since 1994 – and having started to use digital media several years prior – she bridges the Web and physical reality either in multi-media settings or in performance. Many works are also solely conceived for the Web. Thematically, her focus lies in analyzing the social, political and structural components of the WWW. Special focus goes to reflecting on hidden architectures on the Web, such as translating "html" into different visualizations, formats, and even into choreography, to make them visible, enjoyable, and experiential for everyone. She received online commissions from New Radio and Performing Arts (Turbulence), and from the Whitney Museum's Artport. Her work is included in Rhizome's Artbase, and featured on Furtherfield. Endlicher has shown her work at Artists Space, New York, Illegal Machines, Ars Athena and on Thirteen/WNET's ReelNY.web. Recent workshops included an invitation to TanzQuartier Wien


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