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<nettime-ann> share prize 2008 - call for digital artist
Mason Dixon on Wed, 4 Jul 2007 23:15:26 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> share prize 2008 - call for digital artist

From: "INFO SHARE FESTIVAL" <info {AT} toshare.it>
To: <nettime-ann {AT} nettime.org>
Subject: share prize 2008 - call for digital artist
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 14:34:00 +0200

Competition Announcement: Share Prize 2008=20


Piemonte Share announces the fourth edition of the Festival by calling a =

Piemonte Share Award . See registration form.=20



Competition announcement

Art. 1


Piemonte Share Festival announces the second edition of the Share Prize =
2008 for digital art.=20

The competition jury will award a prize of ?2,500.00? to the work =
(published or unpublished) which best represents experimentation between =
arts and new technologies.=20

The candidates for the prize (a short list of a maximum of 6 =
competitors) will be guests at the 4th edition of the Share Festival, =
taking place in Turin March 2008 at the Accademia Albertina di Belle =
Arti, Turin. In order to be declared winner of the prize, every artist =
has to take part in the 4th edition of Share Festival, by preparing his =
or her work of art, to be properly evaluated by jury and public.=20
The organization is available at offering all the costs regarding the =
preparation of the 6 selected works as well as travel and accommodation =
expenses for the artists, and, possibly, the prize itself".=20

Nomination of 6 candidates for the prize: by November, 2007. The =
announcement will be published on the following website: www.toshare.it=20

The winner will be announced in March 2008 during the award ceremony at =
Share Festival.

Art. 2


The prize aims to discover, promote and sustain digital arts.=20


Entry Conditions=20

The contest is open to any Italian and foreign artist using digital =
technology as a language of creative expression, in all its shapes and =
formats and in combination with analogical technologies and/or any other =
material (i.e. computer animation / visual effects, digital music, =
interactive art, net art, software art, live cinema/vj, audiovisual =
performance, etc.). Each artist or group can enter up to 3 works. =
Artists who are part of a group participating in the contest may also =
enter up to 3 individual works.=20

Participating entries must be registered on the site www.toshare.it = using the registration form.=20

Registration and description of the competition entry forms should be = either in English or Italian; English is preferred.=20

Art. 4

Conditions of exclusion=20

The competition is not open to:

- Jury members, organising body, their partners or relatives up to the = sixth degree inclusive=20

- employees or collaborators of Jury members or announcement committee=20

- anyone who drew up the competition or any associated document

- any person working as a civil servant in Public Institutions or =
Administrations unless it is specifically permitted by the =
administration of affiliation=20

- unfinished projects or work=20

Art. 5=20


a. Entries must be registered on the site www.toshare.it by using the =
registration form only.=20

b. Registration must take place by 12.00 pm on 30 September 2007. =
Entries after that date, for whatever reason, will be excluded from the =

Art. 6=20

Required documents=20

Candidates must fill in the on line registration form available at =

Applications must contain the following information:=20

- Title of the work=20

- C.V. of artist or artists (in case of new groups of artists, each =
member's C.V. is necessary)=20

- Concise description of the work (max. 150 words).=20

- URL documents concerning the work itself, where further details of the =
work can be found (see Art. 6bis)

- No material must be sent (paper, DVD, CD, etc) in addition to the =
specific requests of the public notice.=20

Art. 6bis

Further details on URL document

Every participant must provide further details from those given in the =
information on a specific web site. It must contain:=20

- Description of the work (max 500 words) explaining the main concept =
and technologies used

- Images (.jpg) and/or video (.avi) and/or audio (.mp3) of the work=20

- C.V. of artist or arti
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