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<nettime-ann> Hitchhiking to Transilvania - 1-31 august 2007
Fundatia Culturala Meta on Mon, 16 Jul 2007 22:23:05 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Hitchhiking to Transilvania - 1-31 august 2007


Hitchhiking to Transylvania – collaborative video art project

1 – 31 August 2007

Concept: Iuliana Varodi // www.morisena.org


m o r i s e n a   offers a space for international collaborative art projects, seminars on ecology, sustainability, contemporary art related issues, summer camps and at times a dorm for backpackers::::::::::::::


About 7 video artists from north and south, east and west will be invited to hitchhike to Transylvania. On the way, they will record images, sounds / music representing whatever charms or intrigues them. The meeting point is Morisena, the centre for art residencies, cultural exchange and local development established in Sangeorgiu de Mures, on the 1st of August 2007.


The first week will be devoted to time for the artists to get familiar with each other, to watch each others material and to figure out a way of working together and to decide about the ways the material will be used for the final film, for example recomposing fragments according to a script to be written together. Artists may need to shoot some more material on the spot / in the surroundings. The last week will be reserved for the editing and final processing of the film. At the end of August a screening will take place at Teatru 74 (in Targu Mures). Dissemination, as well as a DVD publishing and spreading through our network will be provided. The movie will be presented submitted to various art / alternative film festivals.


Morisena will provide the necessary technology for editing as well as food and lodging during the project. The conditions will be quite basic, and together we'll make sure the place will be clean, messy and cozy. There will be homemade wine, jams, bread and more, all produced at Morisena from fruits and vegtables coming mainly from our own (and neighboring) gardens.


Continuity and follow up: in 2008 we intend to have the film "travelling" back to the original departure points of each artist, with a team of caravans leaving Morisena at the same time and stopping on the road to various locations – at centres that would be interested in discussing the film. Various screenings can take place simultaneously, followed by round table discussions and teleconferences via webcams in order to discuss issues such as identity of the traversed spaces etc.  This project can be developed in collaboration with SODAart (www.sodaart.at) in the context of their NOMAD project, that can provide the needed caravans equipped with all it takes for screenings and round-table discussions.



Fundraising ideas: www.eurocult.org, www.fondsbkvk.nl, www.canon.com, etc


For applications, please send a CV and a motivation letter at morisena {AT} gmail.com or at iulianavarodi {AT} gmail.com



:::: www.musafirfoundation.net :::: www.morisena.org :::: www.stupgrup.ro ::: adress ::::    Sangerogiu de Mures :::: Str Principala nr 940 :::::::: + 40 265 319 771  ::::::  Romania :::::::::::::

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