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<nettime-ann> TAGallery 005_Collection_of_collections. | CONT3XT.NET.NEWS #12.07

TAGallery 005_Collection_of_collections.


TAGallery by CONT3XT.NET extends the idea of a tagged exhibition and transfers the main tasks of noncommercial exhibition spaces to the discourse of an electronic data-space. The method of tagging allows the attribution of artworks to different thematic fields. EXHIBITION_005 was tagged/curated by LeisureArts and is reduced to the following simplified statement:

Tags/bookmarks as collections = A collection of collections.



With projects by: Valery Nosal, Miriam van Houten, PSB Gallery, Pam, Grettir Asmundarson, Tuwa, Alberto Barullo, GoldenPalaceEvents.com, Fred Beshid , Darren Meldrum


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