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MetaArt on Tue, 17 Jul 2007 20:36:16 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> MAG 01

MAG 01
The first issue of MAG (magmart magazine) is now available online.
MAG - magmart magazine is born by a rib of Magmart festival, and this first
issue is partially devoted to it. But, of course, MAG don't talk just about
the festival; our wish is to give life at a place where peoples can confront
with, discussing of digital arts, not just videoart, so we are just starting
by Magmart - and hereby pay a due homage.
We'll call to collaborate many peoples - artists, but not only - from around
the world, expecially for a column, called 'YP' (Your Projects), where
anyone can illustrate worldwide his own artistic project.
But anyone can nominate himself for a collaboration. Send us articles, or
signal an event, a website or a blog, where is possible to meet open
discussion about the same themes of MAG.
We want be an open space, and ask just that articles can be of wide
Consequently with this line, all the contents of MAG are free to publish,
according to lines of Creative Commons: don't use for commercial publishing,
quote the authors and the magazine.
We invite you-all to read, diffuse and collaborate!
You can download first issue starting by festival's home page
(www.magmart.it), or directly by this page: www.magmart.it/mag01.php

Enrico Tomaselli
Festival Art Director
info {AT} magmart.it
Skype: MetaArt

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