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<nettime-ann> Spawn of the Surreal - The blog


"We are all at the mercy of dream, and in the waking ours we have to
suffer its power". La Révolution surréaliste, Issue 1, December 1924

Domenico Quaranta is pleased to announce "SPAWN OF THE SURREAL" (http://www.domenicoquaranta.net/blog/), his Second Life alter-ego's blog.

"SPAWN OF THE SURREAL. Travel notes of an art critic lost in the
dumpster of the imaginary" will feature the considerations of an
imaginary art critic who tries to make art in Second Life make sense to
him and to the contemporary art audience. The idea came out from the
fact that there are a lot of accounts about art in Second Life, but a
little criticism; and that there isn't enough space for this subject on
contemporary art magazine. Obviously, every comment and discussion will
be welcome!

"Traveling without keeping memories of the travel is frustrating. I pile up pictures on my hard disk, but when I go back to them I don't remember what they are picturing, and when and where I shot them. I entered Second Life some months ago, and for the first time I have more things to say than what I can usually pour in articles, reviews and exibitions. So, I came up with the idea of a blog - an idea always thrown away to the folder of the "NOT TO DO" things. At least till now... But Spawn of the Surreal - the title coming from a celebrated performance by Second Front - doesn't want to keep just memories of my travels in Second Life. Lots of people are doing it, probably better then me. I'n not a reporter, I'm an art critic. I want to understand what art is, and what does it means to make art in a virtual world. Sisiphus, come with me. You have lots of experience to share about impossible jobs... ART. Every time I go to an ART gallery, an ART museum; every time I meet a wannabe ART work, or a self-declared ARTIST in Second Life, I have to ask to myself: what's ART for me? In real life, we can accept everything with an art label as art. In Second Life, it's totally different. Out there the art spell is broken, victim of another spell. The aura breaks into fragments: shattered not by the collapse of the mystique of the artifact, but by the rise of a new mystique: that of the virtual world. How shall we rebuild it? Make your own bet! I have my own idea about art in Second Life. For me, SL artists are the spawn of the surreal. What does it mean? That's my own bet: try to make it make sense..."



Domenico Quaranta

mob. +39 340 2392478
email. qrndnc {AT} yahoo.it
home. vicolo San Giorgio 18 - 25122 brescia (BS)
web. http://www.domenicoquaranta.net/

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