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<nettime-ann> $30, 000 Collaborative Grants in Media & Communications
mediahub on Tue, 8 Jan 2008 10:50:18 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> $30, 000 Collaborative Grants in Media & Communications


(Apologies for cross-posting)


The Social Science Research Council alerts you to the second round of the SSRC 'Large' Collaborative Grants in Media and Communications. Large Grants provide up to $30,000 in support for academic-advocacy research collaborations designed to change media and telecommunications infrastructure, practices, or policies in support of a richer and more democratic public sphere.


The Deadline for an initial 'letter of inquiry' (<1000 words) is February 8 (12PM EST), submitted via email to mediahub {AT} ssrc.org with subject line: “Collaborative Grant Letter of Inquiry”


Large grants are awarded once a year through a competitive application process, with recipients selected by an independent committee of researchers and advocates. In 2007, grants of $30,000 were awarded to six projects.  A similar number will be awarded in this round.


If you choose to apply, please give special attention to the project and applicant criteria here: http://mediaresearchhub.ssrc.org/grants/large-grants.


To note the most important, projects need to:


·         Be strategically useful in their proposed advocacy and/or organizing context

·         Produce scholarship that meets academic standards


Applicant partnerships need to include:


·         A researcher based at a university, college, or other academically-oriented research institution. Advanced graduate students are eligible

·         A US-based non-profit advocacy, organizing or community group working on media and/or telecommunications issues. (International proposals will be solicited via SSRC partner organizations)


The program encourages a wide range of project types and goals, supporting projects that:

·         Address issues of disparate impact on communities on the basis of race, class, gender, ethnicity, age or other identity/status category

·         Build capacity—skills, tools, experience, access to data sets—within the "user" organization and/or community

·         Have a clear plan for the dissemination of the research to target audiences

·         Have uses outside the immediate intended context

·         Use methods or models of research that have proved effective in similar contexts

·         Reflect diversity in the staff or group involved with the project

·         Involve collaboration between two or more advocacy/community groups in the project design and the plan of use for the research

·         Use participatory methods to engage community and/or advocacy group members in framing the questions, data collection, and/or analysis

Overall, the program has rewarded projects on a wide range of topics, from digital inclusion, to the future of community media, to analysis of media industry structure and barriers to entry.  Descriptions of all the successful applications are available at http://mediaresearchhub.ssrc.org/news/ssrc-announces-grants-totaling-180-000-for-six-media-and-communications-projects/.


SSRC program staff will be happy to answer questions about your proposed project or the program criteria.  Please write us at mediahub {AT} ssrc.org.




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