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<nettime-ann> call for papers: Learning Inquiry
Jeremy Hunsinger on Mon, 14 Jan 2008 10:08:32 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> call for papers: Learning Inquiry

Distrbute Widely.  -jh

Dear Colleagues;

As Learning Inquiry starts it second year of publication we are sending out a
call for participation in our ongoing attempt to create a transdiciplinary
forum to engage the widest variety of perspectives on learning. We're looking
for articles and special issues that push the boundaries and include new perspectives, but also take the opportunity to share research and experiences from particular locations of inquiry to a larger

Learning Inquiry is a refereed scholarly journal, which is devoted to
establishing the area of "learning" as a focus for transdisciplinary study.
The journal's goal is to be a forum centered on learning that remains open to
varied objects of enquiry, including machine, human, plant and animal learning
as well as the processes of learning in business, government, and the
professions, both in informal and formal environments. The audience for this
journal is anyone interested in learning, understanding its contexts, and
anticipating its future.

The first volume of Learning Inquiry has included papers from a wide variety
of perspectives that have helped to frame the discourse we hope the journal
will engender. Our first issue, on the futures of learning included
contributions from Gary Natriello, Erik De Corte, Helen Verran, Mark
Warschauer, Stuart Moulthrop, Douglas Kellner and Heinz Mandl on Discovery
Networks, Metaphysics and Learning, Play, and Knowledge Management. Leonard J.
Waks brought together a "Special Issue on Listening and Reflecting" with
participation from Sophie Haroutunian-Gordon, Stanton Wortham, Latherine
Schultz, Suzanne Rice, Elizabeth Meadows, Megan Laverty, Andrea English, A. G.
Rud and Jim Garrison Past and forthcoming contributions cover topics as
diverse as the ethical challenges of training brain surgeons, organizational
learning theory, futures of digital learning, music and math, learning and
discipline, and situated cognition.

Learning Inquiry strives to strike a balance between presenting innovative
research and documenting current knowledge to foster a scholarly dialogue on
learning independent of domain and methodological restrictions. Learning
Inquiry also presents special issues that identify the central areas of
learning inquiry to provide focus for future research.

How to submit a paper
	Please visit the journal website (http://learning-inquiry.info)

Jason Nolan
Ryerson University, CANADA

Jeremy W. Hunsinger
University of Illinois, Chicago, USA

Editorial Board:
David Berliner, Arizona State University, USA;
Megan Boler, University of Toronto, CANADA;
Erik De Corte, Catholic University of Leuven, BELGIUM;
Katie Embree, Columbia University, USA;
Charles Ess, Drury University, USA & Norwegian University of Science and
Technology, NORWAY;
Jim Garrison, Virginia Tech, USA;
Henry Giroux, McMaster University, CANADA;
Mimi Ito, University of Southern California, USA & Keio University, JAPAN;
Cushla Kapitzke, Queensland University of Technology, AUSTRALIA;
Heinz Mandl, Ludwig Maximilians University, GERMANY;
Kinshuk, Athabasca University, CANADA;
Penina Mlama, University of Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA;
Nuria Oliver, Microsoft, USA;
K. Ann Renninger, Swarthmore College, USA;
Ingvar Sigurgeirsson, Iceland University of Education, ICELAND;
Joel Weiss, University of Toronto, CANADA
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