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<nettime-ann> sk-interfaces Conference at FACT
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<nettime-ann> sk-interfaces Conference at FACT

sk-interfaces Conference 
08 - 09 February 2008
FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), Liverpool UK

An international conference exploring the intersection of art, science, philosophy and society.

Join international guest speakers as they deliver keynote presentations and debate many of the aesthetic, philosophical 
and medical issues raised in the exhibition sk-interfaces: Exploding Borders in Art, Technology and Society 
(exhibition runs from 01 February until 30 March 2008). 

Speakers include: 
Claudia Benthien, Stelarc, ORLAN, Nicole Karafyllis, Richard Cavell and many more.

The conference e-flyer is available to download here: 

For full conference programme and list of speakers please visit: www.fact.co.uk

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