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<nettime-ann> discussion about MAs in art education
Geert Lovink on Mon, 28 Jan 2008 16:03:36 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> discussion about MAs in art education

Symposium: A Certain Ma-Ness, Amsterdam, March 8, 2008

Too many conferences organized presently by art academies draw 
attention to the recent developments of PhD trajectories in art. Yet, 
an even more important issue today pertains to the specificity of Ma 
programs of art academies. After all, it is the master program focused 
on research that prepares artists for a possible PhD trajectory, it is 
the master program that offers artists various perspectives on their 
professional careers; and it is the master program and its strong 
emphasis on the specificities of its curriculum that forces the 
bachelor program to reflect on the particular structure of its own 

Moreover, in spite of the obligation to effectuate the Bologna rules 
already in 2009, many European countries interpret the concrete 
implementation of the master program in various ways. In some 
countries, a one-year program is offered, other countries concentrate 
on a two-year program; some countries have had already for many years 
master programs in fine art, whereas others hardly maintain a deadline 
for the implementation of a master program. These clear-cut urgencies 
indeed require to organize an international expert meeting and 
conference around the question of the specificity of the Ma Fine Art 

The conference A Certain Ma-Ness will take place in Amsterdam on March 
8, 2008 and will be organized by the Utrecht Graduate School of Visual 
Art and Design (MaHKU) in collaboration with the Brussels Sint Lukas 


10.30. Opening. Willem De Greef (Director St.Lukas Academy Brussels) 
and Henk Slager (Dean Utrecht Gradaute School of Visual Art and Design_

10.45  Keynote presentation: Ute Meta Bauer (visual arts program, MIT 

In order to explore the specificity of an academic master in fine art 
further, three more or less distinctive issues will be discussed.

11.30 – 13.00: The issue of the specificity of Ma-competencies. Is it 
possible to map the various skills required for the Ma-program 
particularly with regard to a reflective and critical attitude, and a 
conception of both knowledge production and research? Paneldiscussion 
1: Jan Verwoert and Clementine Deliss.

1400- 1530. The issue of didactic strategies. Is it possible to 
determine how a MA curriculum is characterized? What are adequate 
didactic strategies and educational models? What is the relationship 
between those educational strategies and models and the research 
practice of lecturers?

Paneldiscussion 2: Simon Sheikh and Mick Wilson. 

1600-1730. The issue of the research environment. In what way 
-political, facilitating, infrastructural - could the Graduate School 
contribute to the development of a research climate in art education?

Paneldiscussion 3: Daniel Birnbaum and Bart Verschaffel


Location, VCC De Brakke Grond, Nes 45, Amsterdam. March 8, 10.30-17.30. 
Entrance fee: 25 euro. Reservations: info {AT} mahku.nl
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