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<nettime-ann> 15 feb: Workshop on the materiality of practice in Fine Ar
Nancy Mauro-Flude on Sun, 10 Feb 2008 21:50:04 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> 15 feb: Workshop on the materiality of practice in Fine Art research.


theorie cum praxi:
A one day workshop on the materiality of practice in Fine Art PhD research.

Slade Research Centre,
Woburn Square,
15th February 2008.

There are limited places available. If you are
interested in participating please registr via: z.dinnen {AT} ucl.ac.uk
However the workshop is free and refreshments and lunch will be provided.

Speakers include;
Penny Florence, John Hilliard, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Steven Eastwood, Wojciech
Kosma, Anita Ponton and Martin John Callanan.

10:00 Arrival Tea/ Coffee
10.25 Welcome. Penny Florence, Head of Research Programmes, The Slade School of
Fine Art.
Al Rees  Introduction to the AVPhD. Outline and aims of the AHRC AVPhD Network.
Penny Florence. The Impossibility of the Material since Media. Opening talk.

11:15 ? 11:40 Nancy Mauro-Flude. A brief reflection on transmission based
aesthetics and how Fine Art practice is being inherently influenced by many
things, including the ubiquity of computational media.

short break

11:50 - 13:15 Methodological Frameworks I. Presentations of ongoing or completed
fine art research  projects. With various approaches to theory, practice, and
electronic media.
Steven Eastwood  A presentation of "the film in front of us".
Wojciech Kosma  Is AV necessary to make the work contemporary? Does AV make the
language of the work more understandable/accessible?
Anita Ponton The Technophenomenological Body in Performance.

13:15 - 14:15 LUNCH

14:15 - 15:30 Methodological Frameworks II
Slade PhD students ? former and present. A collective presentation by Laura
Cinti, Laura Malacart, Anna Tchernakova, Maija Timonen and Veronica Vossen

Laura Cinti; My current research investigates ideas and avenues of modifying
plants to become visually responsive to touch. It is concerned with the actual
engagement of plants as an interface, not it's perceived nor translated
interactions. The role of the plant becomes both the object and subject, not
the mediator. The plant's response is directly related to the plants
biochemistry. It aims to explicitly show plants as a sensorial organism.
Laura Malacart; The Museum of Ventriloquism. A short presentation on a research
designed  to privilege the role of sound in relation to the visual using the
metaphor of ventriloquism.
Veronica Vossen; My research project considers the phenomena of human visual
consciousness and of how the lens-based image can mediate between the noumena
of the extant world and the phenomena of individual perception and
Maija Timonen; I will talk about an ongoing film project, a reinterpretation of
Bertholt Brecht?s book Exile Dialogues, placing it in the context of my wider
research interests, affect in film images in relation to formal legacies of
modernist film and to notions of authorship.

15:30 ? 16:30 Final Plenary. Open discussion chaired by Penny Florence. With
John Hilliard, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Steven Eastwood and Martin John Callanan.

Topics for consideration throughout the day include:
How is the practice-theory relation in Fine Art constituted?
Is the field of Fine Art becoming inseparable from computational media?
Is there a need to make a distinct category 'AVPhD'?
If  the paradoxical age of theory/practice is indicative of a time of deep
change, how do we respond?
For the Fine Arts, how are advancements (however defined) or radical practices
made within institutions and how do these relate to the world of Fine Art more
In the immaterial domains of electronic media, what kinds of methodological
frameworks are Fine Art PhD candidates currently using?
If a PhD is about a field of study for future research in a practice related
PhD, what type of encoding or software may be the best for artistic research?
(In light of questions of obsolescence, the archive and conservation.)
Is the whole idea of art in the age of the cultural industry an anachronism?

Speakers' Biographies
Penny Florence is Professor of Fine Art History and Theory and Head of Research
Programmes at The Slade School of Fine Art, UCL. She has published widely on
fine art, poetry, film and feminist theory. She has also published an
interactive version of Mallarmé's poem Un coup de dés jamais n'abolira le
hasard, and is currently working on another, expanded electronic version,
Foldback Mallarmé .

Al Rees is co-ordinator of the AVPhD Network and Research Tutor in the
Department of Communication Art and Design at the Royal College of Art, where
he has been since 1996. He specialises in film studies and artists? film and
video. He regularly presents films in art galleries and has curated various
screenings and exhibitions. Former chair of the Arts Council Artists? Film and
Video Panel, he is on the management and academic advisory panels of the AHRC
Centre for British Film and Television Studies. He is a member of the AHRC
Postgraduate Awards Panel for art, design and media. He has published A History
of Experimental Film and Video (1999), which describes the international film
avant-garde form the 1920s to present day UK film artists.

John Hilliard is Professor of Fine Art and Head of Graduate Fine Art Media At
The Slade School of Fine Art, UCL. An ongoing body of work addresses the
specificity of photography as a medium: its uncertainty as a representational
device and its status within the visual arts, especially in relation to
painting, cinema and commercial photography. A monograph, The Less Said The
Better, was published by Verlag das Wunderhorn (Heidelberg) in 2003. Recent
solo exhibitions include ARTRA Galleria, Milan and Genoa, 2004, with Jemima
Stehli and Studio D'Arte Contemporanea Dabbeni, Lugano, 2005.

Anita Ponton completed her doctorate in fine art at Goldsmiths College. Her
performance work has been exhibited/performed internationally, encompassing
events and shows at the ICA London, the Venice Biennale and the Liljevalch
Kunsthalle, Stockholm. http://www.anitaponton.com/

Nancy Mauro-Flude is an artist working with experimental media and performance.
Formal roles include: Honorary Researcher in Electronic Media Slade School of
Fine Art, partcipant in the Patching Zone v2 : Transdisiplinary Lab, and
co-founder of Moddr_ArtLab WORM Rotterdam. Her work explores 'Networked
Performance: encoding experience, migratory bodies and transmission based

Wojciech Kosma from RDP - Research Development Programme a programme devoted to
developing research within the context of contemporary art. In 2007/2008 group
the approaches vary from artist willing to examine how their practice can be
brought into academia to those willing to work without either pressure of
studying at degree awarding programmes or art market. The practice of the
students include installation art, sculpture, photography, graphics, new media
and sound art. http://www.wojciechkosma.com

Steven Eastwood is an artist, filmmaker and writer. He is currently Senior
Lecturer in Film & Video at the University of East London. He obtained his
Ph.D from UCL The Slade in 2007.

Martin John Callanan is a European researcher, and artist, exploring notions of
citizenship within the globally connected world. Concerns include information,
data, and knowledge. Letters 2004 - 2006; published in March 2007 by Book Works

Slade Ph.D students:

Laura Cinti practicing artist working within the intersections of art and
biology. As well as exhibiting and speaking internationally her works have
been featured in publications including New Scientist, USA Today, The Scotsman,
Next (Michael Crichton), New York Times and Wired, she is
co-founder of c-lab - an artistic platform that engages in critical and
contemporary amalgamations of bio- and electronic art and currently, a PhD
candidate at UCL (Slade School of Fine Art).

Laura Malacart is a visual artist and lecturer based in London. She works across
media: photography, text, sound and performance, and her practice can be
conceived in conversation with critical theory, which  in turn she uses in her
writing practice on independent film. Her work has been exhibited in the UK,
Europe and the US.

Anna Tchernakova   is currently a PhD candidate at The Slade School of Art.
Trained as a film director in the acclaimed National Film Institute (VGIK) in
Moscow, Anna Tchernakova has worked as a writer, film director and producer
since 1993. Her films have participated in international film festivals
including Tokyo, Berlin and Montreal.

Maija Timonen is a writer and filmmaker based in London. She is currently a PhD
candidate at The Slade School of Art.
Organized and hosted by The Slade School of Fine Art, UCL  An  AHRC funded AVPhD
Network event.

Veronica Vossen is a practice-related research student at Slade, working with
lens and time-based media.

Organized and hosted by The Slade School of Fine Art, UCL  An  AHRC funded AVPhD
Network event

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Honorary Researcher Slade School of Fine Art,
Slade Centre for Electronic Media in Fine Art [SCEMFA]
University College London
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