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<nettime-ann> noplacard - a call for streams
(((NOMUSIC))) on Mon, 11 Feb 2008 22:47:28 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> noplacard - a call for streams

---a call for streams---

saturday 16th of february 2008 will start the first noplacard

noplacard is a mix in between the (((NOMUSIC))) festival and the placard headphone festival.
For this first shot the idea is to have a first 24 hour session in Paris at La Menagerie de Verre during the Economie0 event.

In the idea of a mix in between both festivals during 24 hours, there will be a double stream with distant musicians playing
together as in the recent (((NOMUSIC))) festivals, and to have one of these being a local performance over headphones.
The result will be both for the audience with headphones in La Menagerie de Verre and online for distant listeners.

The new site is under developpment.
Please feel free to choose a time distant or local, watch the program, find someone to play with.
The site will eventually come up to placard like open inscription with incorporated stream tools , this first version is a bit
hand made, more a first live test.
The stream tools will be incorporated, used in your favorite browser, will include sound and video-conferencing.

Please join the chat for streaming solutions or any questions.

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