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<nettime-ann> Playlist 234 Experimental Music For Experimental People
Moacrealsloa/SoundsandEmotions on Sat, 16 Feb 2008 09:09:36 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Playlist 234 Experimental Music For Experimental People

Hereby the playlist 234 of Sounds and Emotions.
"Experimental music for experimental people"  
This week a lot of weird stuff!!To listen to the show use one of the following links (24 hours a day)

Title; Played; Label; Time;
Soup Du Jour / Effervescing; Tuxedomoon; Crammed Disc; 7'12";
Ptch Pink And Blue; Kim Kangaroo; It's A Lama! Recordings?; 3'24";
Bongo Song; Anna Homler & Stephanie Payne; Pasha Nina Teen Recordings; 6'49";
Mirage Man; A Bad Diana; United Jnanan; 4'31";
The Reworked Tape 4; Aube; Silentes; 18'29";
Combatimonto , Choeur Acte II; Annette Vande Gorne; Autoproduction; 10'05";
Sawtooth; Roger Mills; Un Catalogued Music Production; 7'27";
Spiral Galaxy; Bob and Ellen Weller with Mark Dresser; Circumvention; 10'14";
Wardi; Alberto Braida & Wilbert de Joode; Red Toucan Records; 13'10";
Declines; Sepia Hours; Matamore; 6'53";
Épicycle; Alfredo Costa Monteiro; Etude Records; 37'35";
Enjoy the musical trip!

Don't hesitate to forward this mail to people who could be interested in it.
If you have a website you may set the link of my show on it if you wish.
Thanks to those who send me the wonderful cd's.
Links of music are welcome but I can't use them in my show.It's technically to complicated to use them.Only if you can send them by mail as a cd version it would be possible that I can use them for the show. 
If you would like to receive the weekly playlist just send a mail to moacrealsloa {AT} yahoo.fr  with in the subject field  "playlist".
All feedback is welcome in english , french , german or dutch.
Kind regards,

Nico Bogaerts
Sounds and Emotions  
60 Rue De L'Obus
1070 Brussels
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