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<nettime-ann> broj od 10. veljače

Title: Theatre Epicentre Newsletter

Dear friends of theatre for young audiences

This is the first Epicentre Newsletter in 2008. On the following pages you will find the announcement of Epicentre program in April 2008:

  • Promotion of the book of plays of some German authors
  • Playwrights forum in Mostar
  • Symposium
  • and constitutional assembly of Epicentre Network

I am drawing your attention to the call for the programs for Lille3000, but also to the Symposium on Social responsibility of theatre

Epicentre web portal has the Forum again. Take a look at the themes, send your comments or add new topics.

Read new articles in Columns: Dr.Wolfgang Schneider, president of ASSITEJ International publish his message for Theatre World Day, and Maria Ines Falconi writes about theater for children in South America.

Take a look at the announcements of the new festivals and other events worldwide in the News, and check if your theater or festival is listed in Who is Who or not. If not, send us information to

info {AT} theatre-epicentre.org
isimic {AT} inet.hr

Ivica Simic

Enjoy the reading

Ivica Šimić

Goethe Institute in Zagreb, partner of Theatre Epicentre

I am proud to announce that Theatre Epicentre found the partner in Göthe Institute in Zagreb for realization of the joint program in 2008. I am looking forward to the future development of this partnership. Visit the web page of Göthe Institute

The book of German plays for children and young people in translation

The first publication produced in Theatre Epicentre will be the book of three plays by famous German playwrights Rudolf Herfurtner, Kristo Sagor and Lutz Hübner. The promotion of the book and the round table conversation on contemporary German theatre for children and young people will be held in Goethe Institute in Zagreb on the 22nd of April. The time of the promotion will be announced later.

Theatre Epicentre Playwrights Forum , Mostar, April 23-27, 2008.

The second Theatre Epicentre Playwrights Forum will take place in Mostar, Bosnia and Hercegovina, April 23-27, 2008, in the occasion, and as a part of the celebration of the 55th anniversary of Puppet Theatre Mostar and in organization of Theatre Epicentre, Göthe Institute Zagreb, Göthe Institute Sarajevo and Puppet Theatre Mostar.

After very successful meeting and the Conference on regional cooperation in Cakovec, October 2007, Playwrights Forum will be the first independent event organized by Theatre Epicentre outside Croatia, and separated from any other projects and festivals.


Mostar 23-27 of April

Lutkarsko pozoriste Mostar (Puppet Theatre Mostar) home of the Epicentre Playwrights Forum

  • Promotion of the book of translations of some German plays for children and young people, presentation of the authors and their work, with the tribune (round table) on contemporary German playwrights and theatre for young audiences.
  • Presentation of playwrights (5-6) from the region of Southeastern Europe
  • Symposium “The conflict is over! What now?!” - Theatre for young audiences in the post war time. What might be the role of theatre for young audiences in the region today?
  • Constitutional Assembly of Theatre Epicentre Network

More about the Forum read on www.theatre-epicentre.org

Conference on social responsibility of theater

On the occasion of 2008 World Puppetry Day, International World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People, World Theater Day, along with a puppetry performance and reading of the message, Rijeka City Puppet Theater as host of this year's celebration of World Puppetry Day in Croatia, organizes a Conference on social responsibility of theater (especially theater for children).

The aim of the conference is to gather eminent scholars and practitioners in theater and puppetry and to address topics such as financing, media, cultural policies, marketing, education etc. The meeting will take place on 20th March 2008 from 9 a.m. to 4.pm. in the Rijeka City Hall.

Lille3000 proposes a call for projects for 2009.

Within the framework of its edition 2009, lille3000 is organising two events about the choreographic and the dramatic creation coming from Central and Eastern Europe, from the Baltic states to Istanbul, in order to bring to the fore the young talents of European dance and theatre and to explore the invisible borders of today’s Europe, twenty years after the fall of the Berlin wall.

Dance will be centre stage from 25 to 29 March 2009. Theatre will be centre stage from 5 to 7 June 2009.

To programme this festival, lille3000 is launching a call for projects which is aimed at the new generations of artists and companies of Central and Eastern Europe, from the Baltic states to Istanbul, who are little known or entirely unknown to French audiences, and more particularly at independent companies and artists working on the renewal of the language of theatre, researching new forms of representation and blending artistic disciplines.

For more information go to Epicentre web portal

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