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<nettime-ann> CAS March Meeting - Sue Gollifer
Paul Brown on Wed, 20 Feb 2008 23:35:50 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> CAS March Meeting - Sue Gollifer

The Computer Arts Society is pleased to announce its March 08
meeting.  CAS meetings are open to the public so please circulate
this invitation to friends and colleagues

4 Mar 2008  -  Sue Gollifer

Beyond the Screen

6:60 for 7:00; System Simulation Ltd
Bedford Chambers, The Piazza Covent Garden
London WC2E 8HA, England

Sue Gollifer will talk about her artwork, which has developed in
the last thirty years according to a rigorous programme of formal
experiment, through which sets of relationships evolved between
shapes, colours and tones.  Her talk will also make reference to
a number of digital art exhibitions which she has curated since
1995: ArCade1 1-V, GAMUT I & II and the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery'04
Synaethesia. What lessons if any can be drawn/learnt from any of
these exhibitions, particularly ArCade, who's original intention
and objective was to demonstrate how using new technology could
be used in fine art practices to create, on the one hand, a new
media and on the other a hybrid link between both old and new
technology, creating a convergence of ideas, disciplines and

Sue Gollifer is the Course Leader for an MA in Digital Media Arts
and in Printmaking and Professional Practice, at the University
of Brighton. She has been a professional artist/printmaker for
over 30 years. Her primary research is into 'the impact of new
technology within the practice of Fine Art'. She has been the
curator of a number of Digital Art Exhibitions including ArCade,
the UK Open International Exhibition of Digital Fine Art Prints
(1995 - 2007) and the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery'04. She serves on a
number of National and International Committees and is the
Assistant Editor of Digital Creativity, a Journal published by
Taylor Francis/Routledge.

Future Meetings 2008:

Apr 1	Cynthia Beth Rubin
May 6	Stephen Danzig
June 3	David Plans Casal
2 Sept	Joint TESLA/CAS Meeting (afternoon/evening)
7 Oct	Nigel Johnson
4 Nov	Joint MathArt/CAS meeting (afternoon/evening)
2 Dec	Ranulph Glanville


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2008 is CAS 40

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