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<nettime-ann> Green Arts Barns: February 27 Email Update
Sue Edworthy - Artscape on Thu, 28 Feb 2008 22:10:27 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Green Arts Barns: February 27 Email Update



The Green Arts Barns Update provides ongoing information on the redevelopment of the historic Wychwood TTC streetcar repair barns located at Wychwood and Benson Avenues in Toronto. Opening in the Fall of 2008, the barns will be transformed into the Green Arts Barns, a 60,000 sq. ft. multi-tenant arts and environmental centre run by and for the community. Future updates on construction progress, funding news, calls for applications, special events and community opportunities related to the Green Arts Barns will be sent out through this email update on an regular basis.

To subscribe to the Green Arts Barns Update, email
subscribe {AT} torontoartscape.on.ca with the words 'Green Arts Barns Community' in the subject line.



How to make a donation and purchase merchandise


- Cahoots Theatre Projects' Community Meeting on March 19
- Nightwood Theatre in association with Cahoots Theatre Projects presents a nanking winter from February 24-March 16
- Planet in Focus' Mixed Greens Monthly Screenings presents -40 Degrees Celsius and East of Eden: Living with Grizzlies on March 28


After an enthusiastic response to the public call for applications, Artscape is pleased to introduce the Inaugural Board of Directors for the Green Arts Barns Community Association.

The Association will oversee the programming, services and engagement activities of the Covered Street Barn and the Community Gallery, part of the Green Arts Barns, a multi-tenant arts and environmental centre in the St. Clair West neighbourhood, opening in the Fall of 2008. The Inaugural Board will include: Ruth Baumann, Phillip H. Carter, John Devenish, Michael Kainer, Louise Moody, John Smith, Jovanni Sy and Shelley Wine. To view the biographies of the Board, please visit:
"The selection process for the inaugural board members of the Green Arts Barns Community Association was designed to not only measure the skill and experience of the applicants, but also their commitment and innovation towards engaging the whole community in, what is ultimately, a project for the community, run by the community," said Susan Serran, Director of Community Development with Artscape. "The calibre and range of applicants was such a vibrant snapshot of the overall enthusiasm for the project, and while selecting six candidates from forty-eight applications was a daunting task, the selection committee is confident in this new Association and tremendously excited to see what they will achieve."

The management and governance framework for the Green Arts Barns, like the project itself, is designed to promote synergy, collaboration and community engagement. By combining the resources and expertise of Artscape with the voluntary stewardship, entrepreneurship and creativity of the Green Arts Barns tenants and community stakeholders in the neighbourhood, it will allow the project to benefit from the commitment and connections of local stakeholders and also ensure sound operational and fiscal management.

Artscape supports and encourages a strong sense of community ownership. To facilitate strong local governance from the outset, a broad public call was issued in November 2007 to encourage all interested individuals to volunteer with the duly constituted Board of Directors of the Green Arts Barns Community Association (GABCA). GABCA will act as an independent non-profit organization that will assume the stewardship of the Covered Street Barn and the Community Gallery in Artscape’s Green Arts Barns. This inaugural Board of Directors - chosen by a selection committee comprised of one Artscape board member and four Wychwood community leaders - will be composed of: 4 tenants of the Green Arts Barns; 5 members of the local community; 1 appointee from the Artscape Non-Profit Homes Inc; and 1 appointee from Artscape Board of Directors. Currently, eight of the eleven members have been chosen; the selection process for the remaining tenant Board members will take place once the final phase of work and live/work tenanting is complete.

View from Christie Street of the geothermal field which services the
groundsource heating and cooling, courtesy of Linda Beatty

Despite the higher than average snowfall over the past few weeks, construction crews have made substantial progress on the site. Here's a snapshot of the work that is underway.

Studio Barn
• Partition framing dividing studio units. Mechanical/electrical rough-ins. Sprinkler system installation. Concrete restoration. Light sandblasting of interior brickwork. Installation of roof drains

Community Gallery, Studio Barn


Work and Live/Work Studios, Studio Barn

Covered Street Barn ↓
Metal roof deck, roofing and aluminum skylight installation

Community Barn ↓
Sandblasting complete. Metal roof deck, roofing and aluminum skylight installation. Installation of roof drains


Green Barn ↓
• A large part of the concrete restoration has been completed. Structural steel restoration. Steel framing for greenhouse skylights installation



Barn #5 ↓
Preservation of gable ends

Photos: Chris Higgins, Artscape


Raising the Barns
Thank you to those who have continued to support the Green Arts Barns campaign. We provided you with several opportunities to get involved and help us come closer to reaching our $20 million goal for completing the Green Arts Barns. You rose to the occasion, purchasing Green Arts Barns merchandise such as aprons, calendars, raffle tickets and tote bags.   

Green Arts Barns Merchandise
For your chance to own a piece of the Green Arts Barns and show your support for the project, you can still purchase items from our line of merchandise. There are still a few 2008 Green Arts Barns calendars in stock, featuring images of the Barns in 2005 by artists Kendall Anderson, Barbara Astman, Edward Burtynsky and Susan Dobson. For only $25, you can take home this calendar and count down the days to the official opening of the Green Arts Barns in the fall of 2008. In addition to the calendar, Artscape has produced a Green Arts Barns apron ($15) (left) and a reusable canvas shopping bag ($5), the perfect gifts for the Green Arts Barns lover in your life.

If you are interested in making a donation directly to the Green Arts Barns campaign, you are in luck! We are still accepting donations. You can help us achieve our $20 million fundraising goal by visiting
www.torontoartscape.on.ca and clicking on the DONATE NOW link to make your donation online. You can make a donation or purchase merchandise by contacting Elizabeth Dalgleish at elizabeth {AT} torontoartscape.on.ca or 416-392-1038 x29.



We've added a new section to the Green Arts Barns Update where local community projects, events and opportunities that relate to the spirit of the Barns will be posted. Space is limited so please contact Sue Edworthy, Artscape's Marketing Manager if you have a posting you would like included in the next Green Arts Barns Update. Sue can be reached at sue {AT} torontoartscape.on.ca or 416-392-1038 x45. 

St. Clair Artwalk and Studio Tour Job Opening - Part-time Arts Festival Administrator
Deadline for Applications:
Friday, February 29, 5 pm

The 5th Annual St. Clair Artwalk and Studio Tour is a community based arts festival that showcases local artists in the disciplines of Visual art, Music and Literary arts. Both professional and amateur artists take part. This year's festival will host a neighbourhood Studio Tour in late summer as well as the weekend Festival in concentrated areas on St. Clair on the last weekend of September. The Festival includes an Outdoor Art Market, an Outdoor Mainstage, buskers, activities in a local school and library as well as local businesses. The event involves the participation of over 200 artists and at least 100 volunteers. Our goal is to build community through the arts. As a not-for-profit organization, we are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

We are currently accepting applications for a Part-time Administrator to work from mid-March through to mid-October.

The administrator's responsibilities include creating and updating the festival planning schedule and working closely with the Board of Directors, the Program Directors and other volunteers to ensure that deadlines are met. In addition to coordinating the summer Studio Tour and fall Festival, the Administrator will also be responsible for assisting and managing a team of volunteers in creating our 2nd Annual Fundraising Event in the spring. The Administrator must be available at meetings in the evenings and will have some morning and afternoon duties.

Some aspects of the job will require driving. Flexibility is important as the job requires 20 hours per week which will be divided up between day and evening shifts.

The successful candidate:
• Must be organized, prompt at replying to correspondence or phone calls and be good at problem solving and volunteer management
• Have at least one year experience in a similar position for another arts based festival
• Ability to use Microsoft Excel and Word
• Good general computer skills are essential
Salary is $300.00 per week for 32 weeks with the possibility for extension pending funding.
All interested applicants should send their résumé to: Eric David at edavid1211 {AT} rogers.com  or Bernadette Peets at bpgs {AT} sympatico.ca by Friday, February 29 at 5 pm. An interview will be scheduled for successful applicants.


As our construction crews continue to physically build and restore the Green Arts Barns, our future arts and environmental tenants are already starting to build the sense of community that will contribute to the overall creative energy of the project. Cahoots Theatre Projects and Planet in Focus invite you to participate in some exciting events taking place.

From Cahoots' Community Programming


Cahoots Theatre Projects
Community Meeting
Cahoots Theatre Projects is dedicated to the creation, development, and production of new Canadian plays that reflect our cultural diversity.

Do you live in this area? Do you have ideas for community programming? Please come out and share your thoughts with Cahoots Theatre Projects. This is an opportunity for the St. Clair/Bathurst community members to offer input into programming at Cahoots’ new studio at the Green Arts Barns. All are welcome! Refreshments will be served.

Location: TBA  
Date: Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Times: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
For more information, contact:
info {AT} cahoots.ca/416-203-9000


Cahoots Theatre Projects
Nightwood Theatre in Association with Cahoots Theatre Projects presents a nanking winter

Nightwood Theatre, in association with Cahoots Theatre Projects, presents this stunning world-premiere by Governor-General Award nominated Marjorie Chan (China Doll, Nightwood, 2004). A brazen young writer's campaign to ensure the past is not forgotten is challenged as she prepares for her book release - transporting us to one of the greatest horrors of the twentieth century.  Nanking, China's capital in 1937, is in the first weeks of invasion. In the midst of the rampage, a small group of unlikely heroes band together to create refuge from the unspeakable horror. A gripping account of survival in the darkest of times. 

a nanking winter
Factory Theatre Mainspace, 125 Bathurst St.
February 24 to March 16, 2008
Tuesdays 8 pm ($25); Wednesdays 12:30 pm ($25);
Thursdays 8 pm ($25); Fridays 8 pm ($30); Saturdays
2 pm ($25) and 8 pm ($36); Sundays 2 pm (PWYC)
Preview Performances: February 24 - 26 ($12)
Contact info: Box Office 416-504-9971,
Nightwood Theatre info {AT} nightwoodtheatre.net or

Photo of Grace Lynn Kung by Yuuko Konagai

Written by: Marjorie Chan
Directed by: Ruth Madoc-Jones
Starring: Leon Aureus, Ella Chan, Brooke Johnson, Grace Lynn Kung, Stephen Russell
Set & Costumes: Camellia Koo
Lighting Design: Renee Brode
Sound Design: Rick Hyslop

Cahoots Theatre Projects is dedicated to the creation, development and production of new Canadian plays that reflect our cultural diversity. It is committed to theatrical work that probes the complexities of our individual identities and our social relationships with writers and plays that get to the heart of what it means to live, work, play, love and dream in contemporary Canadian culture. Cahoots Theatre Projects is looking forward to becoming part of the St. Clair/Bathurst community with professional theatre and community programming!


Planet in Focus: Environmental Film & Video Festival Presents Mixed Green Monthly Screenings
Join us at the Gardiner Museum on the last Friday of each month as we celebrate the best environmental films from our 2007 festival! Hand selected straight from our 2007 festival line-up, here is your chance to experience again or for the first time this rare and noteworthy collection of films from around the country and around the world!

Screening Friday, March 28, 2008
-40 Degrees Celsius
Directed by:
Paul Davis
Canada, short, 2007, 14 mins. (Beta)

It is -40 degrees and pitch dark in a small subarctic town. The phone rings. You bike to work uphill 9 km in temperatures where steel cracks.


Edge of Eden: Living with Grizzlies
Directed by:
Jeff and Sue Turner
Canada, documentary, 2007, 88 mins.

In Kamchatka, the most easterly region of Russia, a little miracle with huge implications is in the works. Considered by many to be the most dangerous animal in the world, the grizzly bear, an endangered species, finds a protector and defender in Canadian conservationist, Charlie Russell. As a surrogate mother, he struggles to reintroduce orphaned cubs to the wild against the backdrop of a dramatic landscape filled with lurking predators and poachers. Filmed in the course of a year, this relationship is bound to fill you with awe and sure to win your hearts and minds.

MIXED GREEN MONTHLY SCREENINGS: -40 Degrees Celsius &  Edge of Eden: Living with Grizzlies
Gardiner Museum, 111 Queen’s Park (Avenue Road & Bloor - Museum Subway stop)
Date: Friday, March 28, 2008
Time: 6:45 pm - 8:45pm
Price: Pay-what-you-can
www.planetinfocus.org/mixedgreens  /




-40 Degrees Celsius




Skye and Jeff, East of Eden: Living with Grizzlies

Planet in Focus promotes and showcases outstanding and compelling films and videos in all forms (documentary, drama, animation, experimental, new media), focusing on environmental themes and subjects by Canadian and international filmmakers. Throughout the year and at our annual festival, we use environmental artistic _expression_ as a catalyst for public awareness, discussion and appropriate action on the ecological and social health of the planet. www.planetinfocus.org  


You can find out more about the Green Arts Barns by visiting Artscape's website at www.torontoartscape.on.ca/barns

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