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<nettime-ann> TSE presents: The Special Player interactive live set
OXullo Intersecans on Mon, 14 Jul 2008 16:06:31 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> TSE presents: The Special Player interactive live set

The Shaidon Effect presents:
** The Special Player Tour **
Live  {AT}  Halfmachine 2008, DENMARK

Location: Kulturkajen Docken, Faergehavnsvej 35, 2100 Copenhagen (DK)
Date: 24/07/2008

SHARE OUT - EUROPE nights keep going, after the proven success of the  
cross-media live set sessions produced by 02L > Outside Standing Level.

With FUSION FESTIVAL as the latest experience, with more than 40,000  
visitors, a new bookmark has been placed in Copenhagen, capital city  
of Denmark, hosted by HALF MACHINE event.

02L's live performing project "The Shaidon Effect" (DJ and live set)  
will cast a burning session of the nowadays well known THE SPECIAL  
PLAYER project, on July 24th at Kulturkajen Docken.
Kulturkajen finds itself on the harbour near midtown. It's a flexible  
space dedicated to expos, theatrical and music events. This year it  
will be used as an overland extension location of the 480 tons barge  
which has hosted for all this year the headquarter of HALF MACHINE  

Taken to higher level of excitement by the undefined entity 02L >  
OUTSIDE STANDING LEVEL, a one-shot and unforgettable show will take  
place on 24th's night, in a fight between interactive technologies,  
devastating beats and delectable dancing.
Two dancers, DJ, VJ, drummer and the public will join an immersive  
show arbitrated by a sophisticated motion tracking environment that  
will take dance and sound into a complete merge.

THE SPECIAL PLAYER "interactive live temple show", presented as a  
premiere project at TRANSMEDIALE'08 BERLIN (Germany) and replayed at  
Hiroshima Mon Amour club, Torino (Italy), during the Warp label night  
and hosted by PIEMONTE SHARE FESTIVAL, has more than one chance, this  
summer, to astonish and entertain, in a sequence of hot dates. Further  
information can be found on links section.

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