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<nettime-ann> Fwd: ETech 2009 Call for Participation
Mason Dixon on Mon, 25 Aug 2008 02:34:25 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Fwd: ETech 2009 Call for Participation

> O'Reilly's Emerging Technology Conference is my favorite geek confab  
> of the year. The presenters aren't usually celebrity types but just  
> supersmart nrrrds making fascinating tech and thinking about the  
> impact of innovation on our lives. I'm really excited to be on the  
> program committee again this year. The Call for Participation is now  
> open and we're looking for big ideas across a huge spectrum of tech/ 
> culture, from materials science and synthetic biology to nomadism  
> and sustainable life. From the ETech 2009 site:
> Living, Reinvented: The Technology of Abundance and Constraints
> We live in two worlds: one filled with abundance and the other with  
> constraints. Each has its own favorite—or essential to survival— 
> inventions and directions. Each has been deeply affected by  
> technology.
> The abundant world has access to the Internet and other educational  
> tools, to the latest advances in medicine, to culinary choices from  
> around the globe, and up until recently, access to "plenty of"  
> energy. This abundance can lead to waste since most everyday objects  
> are easier and cheaper to replace than fix. But sometimes this  
> excess can lead to creation—a reinvention of waste—as we see in the  
> pages of Make magazine.
> The constrained world has to make do with what's available. Why  
> scrimp and sacrifice for a computer when most people have mobile  
> phones with an SMS server that can do the job just fine? With  
> limited food, water, fuel, medicine, it's the people and their ideas  
> that are often the cheapest part of the equation. Their technology  
> looks to collaboration and connection with fewer resources—almost  
> the opposite of the industrialized world which seeks to make each  
> individual as effective as possible.
> What technologies cross the divide? How do the two interact and  
> cross-pollinate? On the surface, they wouldn't seem to overlap, but  
> on deeper examination, inhabitants of both worlds learn from each  
> other constantly.
> Here are some areas at the intersection of abundance and constraint  
> we'll be exploring at the 2009 edition of ETech, the O'Reilly  
> Emerging Technology Conference:
> * City Tech
> * Materials & Mechanics
> * Personalized Healthcare
> * Mobile & The Web
> * Geek Family
> * Synthetic Biology
> * Nomadism & Shedworking
> * Sustainable Life
> * Life Hacking & Information OverloadETech 2009 Call for  
> Participation (O'Reilly)
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