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<nettime-ann> CFW: Bunk Magazine and Matt Hatters (October 1+, Spring 20
Mark Marino on Tue, 2 Sep 2008 22:11:12 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> CFW: Bunk Magazine and Matt Hatters (October 1+, Spring 2009)

2 Calls for Bunk Works

Following up on "The Los Wikiless Timespedia," Bunk Magazine
(http://www.bunkmag.com) is seeking submissions for two upcoming
issues of new media art.

1) Spring-Summer 2009"The Mad Bunkers Mash" (Humor and Literary)
A  mash-up of two stately magazines, the literary giant Mad Hatters review and

Bunk Magazine.  The mash up issue seeks mashups, mashers, and works to
be mashed.

Those Who Wish to Be Mashed: October 1
Those Who Wish to Mash: October 15
Those Who Wih to Mash Their Own: February 1

(Note: that last deadline has been extended)

See the full call here:http://www.madhattersreview.com/submit.shtml

2) Fall-Winter 2009 "Widget Issue" (Humor/Satire)
Send us your widgets.  Widgetbox, YourMinis, Google Gadgets, or other
portable doodads.
Or send us proposals for widgets for this issue of portable parody and satire.

Proposals due October January 15, 2008
Finished Widgets Deadline July 1, 2008.

Please contact with questions:
Mark C. Marino, Editor, Bunk Magazine.

Writing Program
University of Southern California
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