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<nettime-ann> Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, InterContinental Muscat, Oman, 27th - 28th October 2008






A reminder about our forthcoming "Emotionally Intelligent Leadership" workshop being conducted at the InterContinental, Muscat, Oman on 27th - 28th October 2008.


Should you require any further information we would be delighted to provide it.


We look forward to hearing from you.


Thanking you and assuring you of our best attention at all times.


Best  regards,


Nick Hadjiyiannis


Precept Management Consultancy


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E-Mail              precept {AT} omantel.net.om

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InterContinental Muscat, Oman; 27 th - 28 th October 2008



Gandhi stated "Our greatest power is our freedom to choose our response."   Through Emotional Intelligence one grasps an understanding of behaviours, and the reason why we do and act in certain ways.

We wouldn't dream of letting a pilot fly a passenger aircraft without a flight certificate. The consequences would be disastrous. Nor would we allow doctors, IT specialist, engineers, painters and chefs to do their jobs without the right education. Nevertheless, managers and supervisors without any leadership training are asked to lead and manage others. This can have disastrous effects on the organization like poor motivation, mistakes, loss of money, loss of staff motivation and clients or an unfortunate image and bad decisions, poor communication, frustration, lack of trust, stress and conflict.

Just as it is necessary to teach a pilot to fly, it is necessary to teach a manager or team leader on how to lead.



  • Duration:          Two Days, 27th - 28th October 2008,8:30am - 5:00pm;
  • Fees:                R.O. 575 (includes workshop materials, lunch & breaks at the venue);
  • Venue:              InterContinental Muscat, Oman;
  •  Presenter:         Photis Eliades, People Achieve.


The approach is informal, open, relaxed fun and inspiring.  The education is interactive and multiple learning approaches are used: lectures, discussions, workshops, exercises and games. 


Ø          The need for Emotional Intelligence

Ø          The importance of knowing and controlling your emotions in the workplace

Ø          How to manage the emotions of others and avoid destructive/emotional explosions

Ø          You will learn what it takes to achieve success in an organization and in any team

Ø          You will learn to manage your organization or your team, so that you will motivate the right employees and retain them

Ø          The importance of self-motivation and how to achieve it

Ø          Listening skills

Ø          Managing relationships in both your business and personal life

Ø          Perception versus reality

Ø          Interpersonal skills

Ø          You will learn what you as a leader should do to create a working environment characterized by trust, openness, pride, commitment, responsibility and initiative



Individuals will be better able to:

Ø      Have a more objective overview of what they want, think and behave

Ø      Learn techniques that will help control stress and anger

Ø      Have the tools to be effective communicators both listening and _expression_

Ø      Have a clearer picture of what it takes to better integrate with the people that they are surrounded by daily

Ø     'F eel good' about themselves because they will learn ways of taking control of their lives

Ø      Learn techniques for giving, processing and receiving feedback

Ø      The ability for self and team motivation


Please contact us for further information & registration

Precept Management Consultancy

P.O. Box 255, Ruwi, PC 112, Sultanate of Oman

Telephone:  +968 24497123 ; Fax: +968 24497222,

E-mail: precept {AT} omantel.net.om; Website:  www.preceptmanagement.com




Day 1:

8:30 - 10:00    Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EI)

·          Course objectives

·          Guidelines for getting the best out of the course

·          The impact emotions have on our behaviour and beliefs

·          Creating a positive work environment

·          How do people feel about their company/jobs?

·          The impact a leader has on the working environment

·          What makes a good team leader

·          Exercise: What makes a good leader great?

10:00 - 10:15  Coffee Break

10:15 - 11:50  Self Awareness

·          How your emotions control you

·          Know your destructive emotions and when they emerge

·          How to develop high self-awareness

·          The association between beliefs and behaviours

·          How being aware can help me change my behaviour

·          The 4 components of Self Awareness

11:50 - 12:00  Stretch Break

12:00 - 13:00  Practical Application of Self Awareness as a Leader

·          Practical use of skills of self awareness

·          This session will take participants through a series of exercises: _expression_, Emotional Awareness, Objectivity and Self Appraisal

13:00 - 14:30  Lunch

14:30 - 15:30  Communication and Problem Solving

·          Participants will be split into teams, and they will participate in a workshop with the key learning mess of effective communication and problem solving

·          Feedback and coaching

15:30 - 15:45  Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:00  Communicating Techniques

·          How to get your message across

·          The Broken Record technique of Communicating

·          The Escalating Technique

Day 2:

8:30 - 10:00    Recap and Managing Behaviours/Emotions as a Leader

·          Recap of Day 1

·          The importance of self control

·          The 5 components of Self-management:

·          How control behaviour will help develop team spirit and harmony

Stress Management

·          Understanding stress

·          Your stress levels

·          Long term and short term management of stress

·          Exercise: Tension relief

10:00 - 10:15  Coffee Break

10:15 - 11:30  Motivating yourself and your Team

·          Providing motivation to yourself and to others

·          How do I put both my heart and mind to work? Bringing out the best in people

·          Attitudes and behaviours/ Beliefs

·          The importance of Optimism, Achievement drive and Contentment

11:30 - 11:40  Stretch Break

11:40 - 13:00  A Leaders Role: Being aware of your team

·          Understanding your team

·          Listening to understand

·          Levels of Listening

·          Exercise: Paraphrasing to show understanding

·          Trust

13:00 - 14:30  Lunch

14:30 - 15:30  Exercise: Effective Communication and understanding

·          Participants will undertake a case study

·          They will implement the various skills that have been covered in the training

·          Main Message: Understanding and creating a win/win scenario

15:30 - 15:45  Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:00  Recognition and Team Building

·          The importance of recognition

·          Positive and negative feedback

·          Guidelines on how to give positive feedback

·          How recognition can build a stronger team/company




Organisations are struggling to find new ways to achieve strategic advantage in an increasingly competitive economic environment. Often, they are finding that the only sustainable source of competitive advantage is to unleash the power of their people to achieve the maximum value of their Human Capital.


Ultimately an organisation's ability to survive, grow and develop depends on its continually making the best use of its people.  With TMI we have been offering world-class workshops and seminars for many years and will continue to offer outstanding seminars in Cyprus.


PeopleAchieve, a new company has been launched to cover areas outside TMI and also focus in the Middle East in the following seven areas where people need to excel in:


These are sources of competitive advantage that cannot be matched by the competitors. These add value to the assets balance sheet and share-holdings and are seen as critical intangible assets.


Both PeopleAchieve and TMI Cyprus are members of the Peter Andreou Group which has 15 years experience of helping organisations, teams and people achieve their full potential. With powerful consultancy processes, seminars and a range of tools, we have a track record of helping clients achieve success in their choice of language whether Greek or English.


The quality of our work, unique approach and outstanding reputation attracts some of the most dynamic and ambitious organisations, to work with us.  We are proud to have leading multi-nationals throughout the Gulf region, Europe and Cyprus as our clients.


A total of over 25,000 people in over 250 in-house client organisations in 15 countries have attended our seminars.


We combine our resources of leading edge and innovative consultancy tools with the experience of our hand-picked facilitators, coaches and trainers, to deliver practical results to our clients - results that promote profit and balance sheet growth and solve today's real challenges. In doing so, we tap into the hidden potential and commitment of our clients' human capital to achieve outstanding measurable results.


In addition to Consultancy and In-house Processes, PeopleAchieve and TMI Cyprus offer prescheduled Public/Open workshops, in the Gulf region and Cyprus, ideally suited for the development of individuals and small teams.




Photis Eliades

A Workshop Director for five years, Photis' professional work is characterised by high energy and a level of empathy originating from deeply understanding client's needs. He goes to extreme lengths to tailor materials to meet the specific needs of his clients. During one of his seminars Photis will involve the participants as much as possible in order to set up common goals and outcomes that everyone aims to achieve form the seminar. This involvement leads to a trust in his abilities and a belief that the learning will directly lead to specific transfer of knowledge, to solve very real and understood organisational challenges.

Photis studied Psychology at degree level (B. Sc Honours) and then specialised in Applications of Psychology at City University of London (M.Sc.). His specialisation was aimed at the practical application of different Behavioural Change Programmes. In - between his studies Photis worked with children with special needs helping develop and enrich the skills of patience, tolerance and adaptability - competencies which he displays in his work. This experience has given him excellent background knowledge for specialising in the two areas of Emotional Intelligence and Customer Service Culture Change Programmes. Photis is in his early thirties and was brought up in the UK. His mother tongue is English and he speaks fluent Greek.

Previously, Photis worked in London for an Antique Firm as the Assistant Manager where his main responsibilities where Administration and Customer Service - a situation where he was thrust into high value negotiations on a daily basis. Photis has also worked for three years for a large pharmaceutical company where he was involved with marketing, promotion and sales of specific products.

Since joining TMI and PeopleAchieve and following extended training he as been certified and accredited to tailor and run workshops in two areas of Emotional Intelligence and Customer Service. The focus remains on the application of ideas, leading on to a change of behaviour for the participants.

Some of the projects that he has been involved in include:

q       Coaching personnel working in Oman LNG;

q       The training of staff on customer for Sunwing (a chain of Scandinavian hotels);

q       The design and training of a shipping company, in Customer service;

q       Designing and training Toyota and Lexus in Cyprus on the Customer Service Experience;

q       Training the cabin crew of Helios Airlines in Service;

q       Running Outward Bound Experiences for a TV Broadcasting Company;

q       Running Emotional Intelligence workshops for an Oil Refinery;

q       Coaching Manager's in the largest Construction Company in Cyprus;

q       Working with both on - shore and off - shore Banks to improve service and team - work;

q       Running Putting People First and Emotional Intelligence Programmes on TMI's Scheduled Open Programmes in Cyprus;

q       Training the University of Cyprus Staff on aspects of Emotional Intelligence;

q       Training carried out of the Association of HR Professionals in Cyprus;

q       He has also been accredited and authorised by the Human Resource Development Authority in Cyprus to run Customer Service and Emotional Intelligence Workshops.


To register online, please click here









Jumeirah Beach Dubai, UAE; 6th - 9th July 2008 

The S2 Anti-Terrorism Officer four-day workshop is designed to instruct security, law enforcement, and military personnel in effective strategies and tactics for protecting facilities against terrorist attack. The objective of this course is to prepare anti-terrorism personnel for assignments that require planning security for facilities or providing physical protection to facilities against terrorist attack. The fourth day is a hands-on demonstration of search techniques and search exercises.

The information presented in this workshop reflects best practices in Anti-Terrorism as may be applied to a wide range of government and commercial facilities. The strategies and tactics presented in this workshop are based on the instructors_ decades of experience in protecting facilities against terrorist attacks, critical evaluation of hundreds of terrorist incidents, and analysis of methods for managing terrorism-related problems pioneered by organizations ranging from the London Metropolitan Police to the United States Army.



Kempinski Dubai, UAE; 25th - 27st August 2008

The purpose of this workshop-style seminar is to examine types of fraud that typically exist within various departments of a corporate environment, to study the tools which are used to identify those suspected of being involved in fraud and to practice the methodology of corporate fraud investigation.





The Diplomat Radisson SAS, Bahrain; 18th - 29th January 2009 

This very popular and comprehensive workshop - sucessfully completed by hundreds of security managers from many of the world's most famous and most successful companies - is designed for security managers, coordinators and their equivalents, who wish to gain a thorough understanding of how to manage security within a corporate environment.  Suited equally for existing  security managers and those newly appointed from police or military or business backgrounds, the workshop will enable delegates to use a range of risk management and security design tools to enhance their organisation's ability to protect its assets.


The workshop is accredited by Skills for Security (the UK Skills ad Standards setting body for the security business sector) and Middlesex University and constitutes the first of six modules that make up the Middlesex University MSc Work-Based Learning Studies (Corporate Security Management).


         For more information about Precept you are welcome to visit us at:



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