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<nettime-ann> STEAMPUNK multi media art event in Enschede the Netherland
PLANETART on Mon, 22 Sep 2008 23:43:20 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> STEAMPUNK multi media art event in Enschede the Netherlands

GOGBOT festival Enschede 18 – 21 sept 08

18 -21 September PLANETART the 5th edition of GOGBOT, the multimedia 
festival in Enschede. GOGBOT is a platform for new developments in 
international art, in this year in particular the curious combination of 
media, technology and pop culture.

Robotics, virtual worlds, freak shows, macabre laboratories, lectures 
(in English), interactive machines, electronic music with old-fashioned 
sounds, enchanting video clips and a lot of steam, because STEAMPUNK is 
the GOGBOT theme of 2008. At STEAMPUNK modern technology and design is 
mixed with elements from the Victorian era, when technology was still 
new and romantic. Bruce Sterling and William Gibson, the 2 most famous 
sci fi authors and godfathers of Steampunk contributed to the festival 

Participating artists are: Pablo Ventura, Joost Conijn, Tinkebell, Filip 
Jonker, Arno Coenen, DrGrordbort (Lord of the Rings FXstudio), 
Christiaan Zwanikken, Bill Spinhoven, Anuska Oosterhuis, Powerplant, e.v.a.

The heart of this free feast is in the center of Enschede, with again a 
quality collection of modern art: trendy, politic, technical, exciting, 
spectacular, renewing.
In the area of Roombeek exhibitions are i.e. in the Rijksmuseum Twenthe 
and the former textile factory Tetem, i.e. with work of 35 art academy 
graduates 2008.
In Poppodium Atak every night is a booming GOGBOT party with the newest 
live-muzic from Londen and Berlin. Experiment, break core, electro, drum 
’n base, retro-acid, micromusic and more…
Mmv o.a. Noisia, Jason Forrest, Ceephax Acid Crew, Mu-ziq, Teknoist, Gay 
Against You, DuranDuranDuran, Panacea, Botborg..

The GOGBOT festival has a spectacular opening at Thursday 18 Sept 20h, 
location Oude Markt, with the Singing Tesla Coils from Texas, high 
voltage on electronic music (European Premiere!), performances with 
freak shows, Victorian vessels and circus acts, hanging robots, street 
art, gaming and a lot of steam!
Dresscode: STEAMPUNK

produced by PLANETART (opening new ARTLAB in Amsterdam Sept 11-09)
info: Kees de Groot +31 6 5583 0311

02L (interactive DJ/VJ and motion tracking)
Dr Mad Freakshow (brutal abuse of young women)
Singing Tesla Coils (with High Voltage ear shattering loud Super Mario 
Viviane Rose (with sounds of pigs screaming at slaughter)
Powerplant (burned toy doll theater)
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