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<nettime-ann> invite "walking room"
oliverodomenico on Fri, 7 Nov 2008 10:09:56 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> invite "walking room"

Collettivo Ubique is glad to invite you to the happening ?Walking room?.

The event will take place on Saturday November 8th from 6 to 11,30 pm, in the Cellar of Bi-loft Via XX Settembre 2/M Turin.

Inspired by the artistic actions of Bruce Nauman "Bouncing two balls between the floor and ceiling with changing rhythms", the Collettivo Ubique presents the "Walking room" happening in which the room becomes an artistic action as a result of interaction with the public.

Title: ?walking-room?
Artists: Collettivo Ubique (Franco Ariaudo, Eliana D. Langiu, Domenico Olivero e Oscar Racca).
Place: Cellar of Bi-Loft in Via XX Settembre 2/M Torino (Italy)
Date:  8 al 15 November 2008 
Opening: Saturday 8 November 2008 at 6 to 11,30 pm
Admission fee.
Web site : http://biloftcellar.blogspot.com/ 
For all contacts and information : Franco Ariaudo +39.338.3894323
e-mail:  art.cellar {AT} libero.it   
Curated by Ornella Calvetti
Project support Bi-Loft (Torino)  www.bi-loft.com  
Technical music supporter Fuoritempo (Cuneo) www.fuoritempo.net  

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