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Shadow Festival on Mon, 10 Nov 2008 21:05:36 +0100 (CET)

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Shadow Festival 2008 NEWS:  A New Inititvie: Cinema d'Amis

The Shadow Festival, edition ' 8 1/2 '     21 - 26 November 2008
Original Documentary Cinema

New Location: the Doelenzaal,  Kloveniersburgwal 87 - Amsterdam (across the 
canal from the Compagnie Theater)

Once again we will accent the highest quality and originality with a compact 
selection of films.
The filmmakers are present after each screening to discuss their work in 
In addition to varoius premiere screenings, filmmakers Sean McAllister (UK) 
and Pawel Pawlikowski (Poland/UK) will present and discuss their films as 
our special guests.

Please check our site for a new and unique festival element, ' Cinema d'Amis 
' : from Monday, Nov. 24th through Wednesday, Nov 26th we will screen at the 
private homes of three Ducth filmmakers.
Please note: To make all reservations and for information see our website: 

Stefan Majakowski, festival driector

Wilt u geen nieuwsbrieven meer van ons ontvangen? Klik dan hier om u af te 

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