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<nettime-ann> Chicago: Renaissance Tech Geek needed for very creative pr
Mason Dixon on Tue, 11 Nov 2008 06:19:39 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Chicago: Renaissance Tech Geek needed for very creative project

Lucky Plush Productions, a Chicago-based nonprofit dance company,  
seeks a highly motivated, supercreative computer geek to join the team  
as we explore creative use of the internet and the world wide web in  
celebration of our 10th anniversary season, (2009). Lucky Plush  
Productions is a dance-theater company that creates immersive  
environments through striking visual design and a movement vocabulary  
that is lush, intricate, and conceptually derived.  Led by Artistic  
Director Julia Rhoads, Lucky Plush has facilitated the relationship  
between dance, performance and new media technologies since 1999,  
offering a distinctive interdisciplinary platform for innovative  
artists in Chicago.

We want to try new, technology-based models for raising interest in  
and support for what we do. We need a computer/web savvy individual  
who will join Team Plush and “dance” with us as we raise the profile  
of the company locally, nationally and internationally. Please be  
willing to brainstorm with us on how to use the web to facilitate some  
out-of-the-box revenue-raising ideas; also be willing to create or  
point out some existing tools that can help internal company  
management track rehearsal schedules, employee hours, and so forth.  
Please be familiar with SEO processes. We want to incorporate video  
into our website so the world can watch us dance and create  
interactive features so our public can hit us back with their ideas  
and responses. An ideal candidate is playful, enthusiastic, capable  
and self-starting.

This is a part-time, project based position for someone in an arts  
administration graduate program, or a freelance consultant. Hourly fee  
is negotiable.

Please contact julia {AT} luckyplush.com

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