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<nettime-ann> OCAD Toronto Digital Futures Initiative Job Postings
Mason Dixon on Thu, 20 Nov 2008 17:42:09 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> OCAD Toronto Digital Futures Initiative Job Postings

> Dear Colleague,
> OCAD is poised to launch its Digital Futures Initiative, a set of  
> new cross-disciplinary programs, research, and innovation  
> activities. Minors, a major and a suite of graduate programs will  
> provide learning opportunities in digital art, media and design,  
> linking this knowledge to emerging technologies.
> As a result of this extensive initiative, OCAD invites applications  
> for six new tenure-track positions as outlined in the attached  
> document, including a Chair for the Digital Futures Initiative.  I  
> would very much appreciate it if you would bring these positions to  
> the attention of qualified individuals.
> Sincerely yours,
> Kathryn L. Shailer, PhD
> Associate Vice-President, Academic &
> Dean, Faculty of Liberal Studies
> T 416.977.6000 x318
> F 416.977.6006
> E kshailer {AT} ocad.ca
> 100 McCaul Street, Toronto, Canada  M5T 1W1
> <>www.ocad.ca
> The Ontario College of Art & Design is Canada's largest independent  
> university of art, media and design.  Located in the Discovery  
> District of downtown Toronto and at the centre of the city's dynamic  
> cultural activities, OCAD has 3500 students and over three hundred  
> faculty members. Committed to excellence and contemporary approaches  
> to education. OCAD currently offers 12 programs leading to the BFA  
> and BDes, and three programs leading to Master's degrees. It is  
> building new interdisciplinary programs. The university has  
> experienced remarkable growth over the past five years and requires  
> outstanding creative researchers/practitioners and gifted teachers  
> to join OCAD in an exciting period of institutional development and  
> opportunity.
> Drawing on faculty from across the university and working in  
> collaboration with a broad range of Canadian and international  
> private sector and public sector partners, the Digital Futures  
> Initiative (DFI) is a set of new cross-disciplinary programs,  
> research, and innovation activities currently being developed at  
> OCAD. Minors, a major and a suite of graduate programs will provide  
> learning opportunities in digital art, media and design, linking  
> this knowledge to emerging technologies with applications in fields  
> such as art/design and science, sustainability, health and wellness,  
> accessibility, diversity, and global innovation and business  
> development. OCAD has launched a research program in many fields of  
> digital endeavour and related disciplines, and has recently secured  
> significant funding to begin the construction of a series of  
> dedicated research laboratories. Faculty cross-appointed in the DFI  
> will be engaged in all facets of planning and utilization of these  
> laboratories.
> The DFI Program Development and Selection Committee, comprising  
> representatives from the Faculties of Art, Design, and Liberal  
> Studies, invites applications for the following six tenure-track  
> positions:
> The Program Chair for the DFI is responsible for leading the  
> development and implementation of undergraduate and graduate  
> programs within the cross-disciplinary Digital Futures Initiative  
> Program. He/she must be able to build a program comprised of faculty  
> artists, designers, social scientists, humanists, computer  
> scientists, and engineers. She/he will need to facilitate and build  
> relationships with other institutions and private entities. They  
> will have a history of working in collaborative partnerships with  
> other institutions or sectors. Building on existing faculty  
> expertise and curriculum, as well as incoming faculty the successful  
> candidate will oversee the development of new courses and programs,  
> and foster increased research capacity in digital media, art and  
> design and related interdisciplinary fields.
> Candidates for Program Chair will hold a doctoral degree and have a  
> strong background in interdisciplinary program development and  
> research. Candidates will have expertise in two or more the  
> following areas: computer science, computer engineering, cognitive  
> science, physical computing, human/computer interaction (HCI),  
> artificial intelligence, applied physics, interactive media, Web  
> art, game development, digital imaging, visualisation, media theory,  
> or closely related fields.  They will have experience collaborating  
> with artists and designers, a strong research agenda, a track record  
> of successful research and industry collaborations, and a  
> significant record of supervising graduate students.
> This position may start as early as Spring 2009, subject to  
> availability of the successful candidate.
> Holding an MBA or PhD in Economics, Management, Communication or  
> Technology, candidates will bring expertise in innovation practice  
> and studies, small and large business development and market  
> analysis with a focus on digital practices within the creative  
> industries and/or cultural entrepreneurship. Their expertise may  
> include knowledge transfer, commercialization or technology  
> transfer. They will bring an understanding of the global economy,  
> including Canadian and emerging markets. They will have demonstrated  
> capacity to work within a highly interdisciplinary setting, as well  
> as practical experience in working with emerging or existing  
> businesses within the digital sector.  Experience teaching at the  
> graduate level and supervising graduate students is preferred.  .
> Applicants will bring knowledge from the general area of Computer  
> Graphics with applications to animation and/or interactive/3-D  
> systems. They will have a PhD in Computer Science, Computer  
> Engineering, New Media Studies or a closely related area, with  
> additional experience or training in creative applications of  
> computer science in the field of graphics. Candidates will have  
> expertise in computer graphic techniques, specifically in animation  
> techniques, and may have expertise in virtual reality, 3-D games,  
> advanced visualization, augmented reality, or and/or mobile/locative  
> media platforms and systems.  They will be versed in the history of  
> animation/visualization and the current debates about animation/ 
> visualization practices and aesthetics.  They may have experience in  
> artificial intelligence and intelligent systems design.
> Applicants will bring a general expertise in games design or  
> development across multiple platforms, including mobile, on-line,  
> platform, serious games and extended reality gaming, with a  
> concentration in one of these fields.  They will have a strong  
> history of creative practice and/or knowledge in gaming and will  
> also be capable of contributing to scholarship in the history,  
> theory, aesthetics and genre criticism in computer games, preferably  
> within an international context.  Holding a PhD in Interactive  
> Media, Computer Science or other related field and bringing a  
> minimum of 4 years professional experience, they will be capable of  
> curriculum development in computer games and of teaching games  
> development approaches to artists as well as designers at the  
> undergraduate and graduate levels. They will be interested in  
> exploring research in contemporary and future applications of games  
> across multiple contexts, including art as well as design, and are  
> expected to be engaged at an international level.
> Applicants will bring both research and practical expertise in the  
> creation of wearable technologies and interfaces such as apparel or  
> jewellery.  They will combine technical and creative skills with  
> knowledge of materials and engineering. Candidates may approach  
> wearable technologies from various perspectives. This position will  
> work closely with OCAD's Mobile Experience Laboratory and mobile  
> research area as well as its programs in integrated media, textiles  
> and jewellery.  It is preferable that the successful candidate hold  
> a PhD in Computer Science or Engineering with strong design or  
> wearable art or mobile interface practice. Exceptional candidates  
> with an MFA or Masters of Design in fashion and supplementary  
> studies in engineering will be considered. Applicants will bring  
> capacity in wearable systems creation, fashion and technology/ 
> engineering, and the ability to build physical interfaces to virtual  
> systems.
> Applicants will bring experience in Human/Computer Interaction (HCI)  
> with a focus on tangible interfaces or ethnography. It is preferable  
> that the successful candidate hold a PhD in cognitive science or  
> computer science with an additional field in the humanities, social  
> sciences or design. This position will work closely with OCAD's  
> studio-based programs on implementing tangible interfaces.   
> Exceptional candidates with a Master's in Fine Arts or Design and  
> Engineering will be considered. They will have a significant record  
> of supervising graduate students, be familiar with the  
> interdisciplinary scholarship that encompasses HCI and have a  
> history of collaboration with designers or artists. A successful  
> track record in research and industry collaborations is expected.
> The successful candidates will
> … assume a key role in building the interdisciplinary Digital  
> Futures Initiative, contributing to teaching and program development  
> at the undergraduate and graduate levels;
> … be expected to develop strong, externally funded research programs  
> and engage with cross-disciplinary research teams;
> … be expected to participate in Faculty and university-wide  
> governance systems, as well as other activities that contribute to  
> the academic life of OCAD.
> Unless otherwise noted, these positions are to commence with the  
> 2009/10 academic year and are subject to budgetary approval.  In  
> light of the specialized nature of some of the positions, OCAD is  
> open to considering secondments.
> Candidates are expected to hold a doctoral degree or be close to  
> completion. In some positions a degree at the master's level  
> combined with exceptional industry experience and credentials will  
> be considered.  They must have experience in the relevant art or  
> design related discipline or in their area of research; a strong  
> record of creative practice, research, scholarship and publication  
> and/or exemplary professional practice; evidence of positive post- 
> secondary teaching experience; and an aptitude for innovative  
> curriculum development in a degree-granting art and design university.
> Salary and rank will be commensurate with experience and  
> qualifications.
> Applications should include a letter outlining interests in the  
> areas of teaching, research/practice, and service; a curriculum  
> vitae; a digital portfolio of recent work where appropriate; and the  
> names and contact information of at least three references submitted  
> in confidence to the address listed below.  We would like to receive  
> expressions of interest by December 15th, including an electronic  
> curriculum vitae.  Full applications should reach us no later than  
> Monday, January 5th.  The review of applications will take place in  
> stages with an eye toward inviting short-listed candidates to OCAD  
> between mid January and late February.
> DFI Program Development & Selection Committee
> Ontario College of Art & Design
> 100 McCaul Street
> Toronto, ON     M5T 1W1
> Fax: (416) 977-3034
> E-mail: rdickenson {AT} ocad.ca
> Website: http://www.ocad.ca
> As an employment equity employer, we encourage applications from  
> women, First Nations People, visible minorities, and people with  
> disabilities. All qualified persons are encouraged to apply;  
> however, Canadians and permanent residents of Canada will be given  
> priority.  While we thank all candidates for their interest, only  
> those short-listed will be contacted.
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