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<nettime-ann> conference & art > OPERATION:CITY 2008 > zagreb/croatia [nov 22 – dec 7]

Zagreb, Nov 22 – Dec 7


Community Center "Kino Mosor", Zvonimirova 63, Zagreb, Croatia
contact: operacijagrad {AT} gmail.com

On Saturday, November 22nd, the third Operation:City gets underway.
Unlike previous iterations (Operation:City in the former Badel factory
in 2005 and Operation:City – in the former Jedinstvo factory in 2007),
where cultural programmes have provided an occasion to reclaim and
transform abandoned industrial sites into public spaces, the
Operation:City 2008 will bring together activists, artists, experts,
scholars and general public over issues of spatial and social
development of Zagreb and of neoliberal cities in general.

Whom the city belongs to? ||| Privatizing the public? For whose
benefit? ||| Who is exhausting the city?

We invite you to join us in search for answers to those questions.
Operation:City brings a variety of events providing occasions to
learn, discuss and participate.

If in Zagreb over the next three weeks, you'll come across
interventions in the public space by Sanja Iveković, Silvio Vujičić,
Slaven Tolj, Dalibor Martinis, Igor Grubić, Siniša Labrović, Marko
Pašalić, Mladen Stilinović, Nemanja Cvijanović, Škart, Lina Rica,
Kristina Leko and the first Zagreb Complaints Choir. If you encounter
them on the streets, join in!

December 4 – 7 the international conference "The Neoliberal Frontline:
Urban Struggles in Post-socialist Societies" takes place in the
Community Center "Kino Mosor". The conference opens with a keynote by
Neil Smith (CUNY) and features talks and panels with renowned experts
and practitioners, including: Edi Rama (Mayor of Tirana), Keller
Easterling (Yale University), Boris Buden, Brian Holmes....

Find out more about the past and the present of urban planning in
Zagreb and reconsider what quality urban planning should be by
visiting the exhibition "How the City Builds the City", which will be
on display December 2 – 7 in the Community Center "Kino Mosor".

In the run-up to the conference, on December 3, you can attend the
workshop "European Cultural Policy and the Independent Cultural Scene
of the Western Balkan Region" and the round table on "Implosion of the
Left, Politics of Culture and Social Experimentation" organized by the
regional initiative of independent cultural actors.


Organizers: Alliance for the Centre for Independent Culture and Youth,
Multimedia Institute, Platforma 9,81 - Institute for Research in
Architecture, BLOK - Local Base for Culture Refreshment, Clubture

Partners: Analog, Community Center "Kino Mosor", Kontejner | bureau of
contemporary art practices, Zagreb's Right to the City Initiative

Supported by: Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia, City Office
for Education, Culture and Sports (City of Zagreb), Charles Stewart
Mott Foundation, European Cultural Foundation, Balkan Trust for
Democracy, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Zagreb
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