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<nettime-ann> Motion Graphics Festival Call For Entry
Mason Dixon on Mon, 24 Nov 2008 22:24:36 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Motion Graphics Festival Call For Entry

MGFest09 Call For Entry - 3 Ways to Enter!

Submit a Link + Submit a Movie + Submit a Topic

[ Easy ] Submit a Link
Simply enter a link to a video you think is really good!

Online voters will select the top videos in several caregories. If your video is selected you will reveive a free badge to the Motion Graphics Festival.

[ Medium ] Submit a Video
Send us a DVD of a video you made. Late Entry Deadline: Dec 19, 2008

Send us your finest minutes, your dreams realized, your fictions animated, your adventures recorded, your sweat and passion woven into something of beauty, and we will take it to audiences across the country. Selections will be screened during the 6th annual Motion Graphics Festival tour in Chicago, Boston, Austin, Atlanta and Washington DC.

[ Hard ] Submit a Topic
Suggest a presentation topic, performance or installation.

No Entry Fee. Just let us know what's on your mind. Our three themes are: New Motion, New Sound and New Media. Be a presenter, performer or panel/discussion leader. We are looking for presentation topics, technologies, abstracts, essays, performances, art installations, events, groups, conceptual meanderings and just plain smart fun.

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++ Check out what Create Digial Motion had to say about the call.

Motion Graphics Festival 2009 Tour

In its 6th year, MGFest stands as the premier US event showcasing
creative motion picture design. The festival presents a
year-long, regionally focused program of events. The 5-city tour
focuses on motion design, sound design, and film & video
technology by hosting: art showcases, exhibits, workshops,
classes, panel discussions, studio tours, theater screenings and
industry mixers.

-------------------------------------> http://MGFest.com

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