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<nettime-ann> Campaign for Sustainability
Jo-Anne Green on Tue, 2 Dec 2008 20:24:17 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Campaign for Sustainability

Dear Friends,

We are well into our annual Fundraising Campaign. Once again, we need your
support. Several artists have donated prints, posters, books, musical
scores, DVDs and more (http://turbulence.org/fundraiser_08).

PLEASE MAKE A DONATION NOW! (tax deductible for US residents). No amount is
too small! Pay via the PayPal button on the Turbulence homepage:
http://turbulence.org. Or send a check to New Radio and Performing Arts,
Inc., 124 Bourne Street, MA 02131.

Thanks for your generous support.

Warm Regards,

Jo-Anne Green and Helen Thorington

New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.: http://new-radio.org
New York: 917.548.7780 . Boston: 617.522.3856
Turbulence: http://turbulence.org
Networked_Performance Blog: http://turbulence.org/blog
Networked_Music_Review: http://turbulence.org/networked_music_review
Upgrade! Boston: http://turbulence.org/upgrade 
New American Radio: http://somewhere.org

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