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<nettime-ann> MiniOptoSonic Tea {AT} Diapason NYC - Thursday, December 4th,
Katherine Liberovskaya on Tue, 2 Dec 2008 20:25:45 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> MiniOptoSonic Tea {AT} Diapason NYC - Thursday, December 4th, 8pm

Thursday December 4
8 pm

MiniOptoSonic Tea

Live sets by:

- André Gonçalves (Portugal) (live visuals and sound)
- Richard Garet (live visuals and sound)

Suggested donation:
$ 7

882 Third Avenue, between 32nd and 33rd Streets, 10th floor
BROOKLYN (Sunset Park)
(718) 499-5070
directions: D, N or R train to 36th Street in Brooklyn

OptoSonic Tea is a regular series of meetings dedicated to the
convergence of live visuals with live sound which focuses on the
visual component. These presentation-and-discussion meetings aim to
explore different forms of live visuals (live video, live film, live
slide projection and their variations and combinations) and the
different ways they can come into interaction with live audio. Each
evening features two different live visual artists or groups of
artists who each perform a set with the live sound artists of their
choice. The presentations are followed by an informal discussion
about the artists' practices over a cup of green tea. A third artist,
from previous generations of visualists or related fields, is invited
specifically to participate in this  discussion so as to create a
dialogue between current and past practices and provide different
perspectives on the present and the future.

Organized by Katherine Liberovskaya and Ursula Scherrer

About the artists:

André Gonçalves (Portugal) works across the fields of visual arts, music,
video, installation and performance. Originally trained in Graphic Design
alongside his commercial work he has been developing several applications in
Max-MSP, flash, java and C++ along with various experimentations in the
analog world. Since 2002, he has been refining his ?do it yourself¹
approach to electronics, experimenting with sensor interfaces, old and new
hardware and various techniques to create intermedia pieces. Recent projects
have included interactive installations such as ?Resonant Objects¹ (2006),
?You Got Me Floatin¹ (2007) and ?Pong - The Analog Arcade Machine¹(2008).
His discography, among others, includes releases on the labels Grain of
Sound, Crónica Electrónica and Sirr (PT), Cherry Music (JP), Winds Measure
(US) and Transacoustic Research (AT). He is currently in residency at
Location One, NYC.

Richard Garet is a sound and video artist. He is interested in the
phenomena found and produced in aural and visual time-based media, in
nature¹s processes, and human beings' relationship with both
artificial and natural environments. Garet explores the it-
referential, communicational, and sensory characteristics of the
various media he utilizes. Additionally, he focuses on the
investigation of aural and visual spatial-contexts, relational
structures, process, materiality, and form. Even though Garet¹s work
suits the standard gallery setting, many of his other activities as
an artist explore the various practices of experimental sound and
video performance. All of these modes are additional ways in which
Garet¹s work exposes the audience to visual and physical acoustic
sensory perception.

for more information about OptoSonic Tea please visit:
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