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<nettime-ann> Unique MA to close
Paul Brown on Thu, 11 Dec 2008 05:02:11 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Unique MA to close

Please forward to other concerned groups and individuals

It has come to my attention that the MA Creative Writing and New Media  
run by Sue Thomas and Kate Pullinger is being closed down by the De  
Montfort University in Leicester, UK.  This is a unique programme and  
one of only a few worldwide that address the future of literature and  
writing in the networked age and it is run by two internationally  
recognised authorities in the field.

As CAS members will know this institution made a pioneering  
contribution to the computer arts in the early years and it is to be  
regretted that the university can now consider closing a leading-edge  
programme that builds on such a pre-eminent history.  It is my opinion  
that they should instead be promoting the MA as a flagship opportunity  
to consolidate DMU's reputation in an field that addresses important  
and timely scholarly, social and economic issues regarding our future  
in a networked world.

The official announcement is here:


And it is discussed on Chris Meade's blog (where you can leave your  
own comments and protests):


If you wish to contribute to the debate (at Chris Meade's blog) please  
do so as soon as possible because the window for changing the  
university's decision is closing.

Paul Brown
Chair, the Computer Arts Society

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