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<nettime-ann> Australian artists caught in the net
ANAT Communications on Tue, 2 Dec 2008 09:22:10 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Australian artists caught in the net


ANAT is partnering with GetUp to prevent the Australian Governments
proposed internet censoring scheme.

GetUp's 'Save the Net' campaign is gaining momentum faster than all
expectations, as the Government's ill-considered plans to slow down and
censor the internet is facing backlash from communities and
organisations - it has even been slammed by children's welfare groups,
who say the filter is "fundamentally flawed" and simply will not work.

ANAT's Executive Director Dr Melinda Rackham comments "Australia's
creative content and intellectual property is at risk if the Government
implements this flawed and undeveloped scheme. ANAT urges all
Australians to take a stand by signing this petition".

Only a massive public outcry will make the Government see sense on this
issue. That's why we're taking a moment to ask you help build an
unprecedented community movement to save the internet from being slowed
and censored.

Please show your support and add your signature to the petition:


More than 55,000 fellow Australians have already signed!

Without an immense reaction from the community, the Government will
claim they have the green light to begin limiting our freedoms - and
who knows where that slippery slope will end? Already euthanasia,
gambling, anorexia and legal adult content are being discussed.

Be part of the solution by letting your friends know about this
campaign, and ask them to join you, children's welfare groups, internet
providers, consumers, engineers, network administrators, and 55,000
everyday Australians in defense of our freedom and in defence of our


Help build a movement today in defence of our rights, to prevent
Australia joining Iran, China, Saudi Arabia and Burma in an
undemocratic club of governments who view the internet as a threat.

Thanks for being part of the solution,
ANAT and the team at GetUp


ANAT is assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia
Council http://www.ozco.gov.au its arts funding and advisory body, by
the South Australian Government through Arts SA
http://www.arts.sa.gov.au and the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, an
initiative of the Australian, State and Territory Governments.

If you would like to change your contact details or be added or removed
from this list please email anat {AT} anat.org.au

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