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<nettime-ann> call: BEYOND MEDIA 2009
Mason Dixon on Sun, 7 Dec 2008 02:34:27 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> call: BEYOND MEDIA 2009


> From: "BEYOND MEDIA" <info {AT} beyondmedia.it>
> Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2008 01:36:39 +0100
> We are happy to announce the call for video entries for the new  
> edition of BEYOND MEDIA <http:// 
> www.beyondmedia.it>www.beyondmedia.it, international festival of  
> architecture and media. The event, devoted to the most advanced  
> visualizations in architecture and to the debate on the  
> relationships between the project and the means of its  
> communication, will take place at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence,  
> Italy, July 9-17, 2009.
> Organized by Image <http://www.image-web.org/>www.image-web.org, and  
> curated by Marco Brizzi, BEYOND MEDIA has been constantly observing,  
> since 1997, the development of the systems of communication in the  
> field of architecture by evaluating their impact on contemporary  
> architectural production and by promoting their understanding and  
> enhancing their quality. The festival offers its visitors an  
> articulate and rich program of events. The screening of the videos  
> which are selected internationally complement an intense calendar of  
> conferences and workshops with the protagonists of the international  
> debate and of architecture exhibitions which elaborate on the theme  
> of the festival.
> The theme for the forthcoming edition of BEYOND MEDIA is VISIONS.
> It seems as if contemporary architecture lost, in the last years,  
> its ability to pursue broad visions, to collect with a wide outlook  
> the complex transformations of the built environment, to lead its  
> thoughts and consciousness beyond that which is usual, empirical,  
> and visible. The massive production and consumption of architectural  
> images resulted in a greater vicinity, on the part of the general  
> public, to design issues. But, at the same time, they produced an  
> alteration in the way people conceive architecture, and affected the  
> ability and the opportunity for architects to generate visions, and  
> hence theories, which are deeply rooted in our times but, at the  
> same time, are receptive towards new possible scenarios.
> We are looking for people with an architectural vision. A really new  
> and effective one! As we check the architects' sight, the event will  
> welcome crazy, mad, or mystic people, philosophers, politicians,  
> opticians who will present their personal visions.
> We are expecting to present videos and authors that are able to  
> demonstrate how much we are lacking visions, nowadays, despite the  
> apparent proliferation of innovative concepts and images. We are  
> concerned by the fact that most of these images are pure expressions  
> our own times. Not enough about our future.
> Deadline for video submissions is January 31, 2009.
> The call for entries is posted on the official BEYOND MEDIA website <http://www.beyondmedia.it 
> >www.beyondmedia.it.
> With kind regards,
> c/o iMage
> via Venti Settembre 84, 50129 Firenze, ITALY
> tel: +39 055 4684 187, fax: +39 055 4624 808
> <http://www.beyondmedia.it>www.beyondmedia.it, <mailto:info {AT} image-web.org 
> >info {AT} <mailto:info {AT} beyondmedia.it>beyondmedia.it
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