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<nettime-ann> Vague Terrain 13: citySCENE - Call For Work
Greg J. Smith on Fri, 12 Dec 2008 23:35:32 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Vague Terrain 13: citySCENE - Call For Work

http://vagueterrain.net is seeking out projects which address urban 
representation to be featured in an upcoming issue.

Vague Terrain 13: citySCENE - Call For Work

In the 1980s architect Bernard Tschumi posed the following question: "If 
writers could manipulate the structure of stories in the same way as 
they twist vocabulary and grammar, couldn't architects do the same, 
organizing an architectural program in a similarly objective, detached, 
or imaginative way?" While Tschumi was speculating the foundation for a 
new type of architectural practice, his thinking can be applied to 
problematizing our current, informatized cityscapes. Ubiquitous 
computing, home-brew geospatial analysis and open source culture are 
rapidly changing our conception and experience of urban space. If 
"event" could be used as a catalyst in architecture, what paradigms 
might we employ to recontextualize the city?

Vague Terrain 13: citySCENE is dedicated to exploring urban 
representation. The issue will serve as a global index of strategies for 
abstracting, quantifying and documenting urban life. Subjective 
cartographies, architectural mashups, urban informatics, augmented 
reality gaming and field recording based work are all examples of 
research that we are interested in. What is important is that the work 
is ambitious and innovative.

We are seeking submissions in all formats - audio, video, photographic 
documentation and text. If you are interested in submitting work to be 
considered for inclusion in Vague Terrain 13: citySCENE please note the 
deadlines below and contact the issue curator, Greg J. Smith at 
greg {AT} vagueterrain.net

Additional Information

Format: Please see 
http://vagueterrain.net/content/journal/submission-guidelines for full 
submission guidelines. Please consult this document as it is very 
important to read when considering the scope and deliverables of a 
submission. All of these criteria will have to be met in order for work 
to be included in the issue.

Copyright: Vague Terrain publishes material under an 
Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike Creative Commons License. 
Potential contributors are welcome to propose alternative licenses for 
their work - but we prefer the flexibility and open nature of CC.

Submission Deadline: Potential contributors should establish contact and 
provide links/information about a proposed submission before January 
24th. Selected participants will be contacted by February 1st and all 
submission material and supporting documentation will need to be 
uploaded by February 15th. The tentative publication date for the issue 
is March 1st.

Curator Information: Greg J. Smith is a Toronto-based designer and 
researcher with interests in media theory and digital culture. His work 
is invested in exploring how contemporary information paradigms affect 
representational and spatial systems. These dynamics have been explored 
in a range of mediums including drawing, visualization, writing and 
editing. Greg co-curates and edits the digital arts publication Vague 
Terrain and is a contributor to Rhizome and Augmentology 1[L]0[L]1. Greg 
has presented work at venues and institutions which include 
Medialab-Prado (Madrid), the Annenberg Center for Communication (Los 
Angeles), the Public Memories Project (Syracuse), soundaXis (Toronto), 
Université de Montréal and TAGallery (online). He has taught digital 
humanities at the Department of Communications Studies and Multimedia at 
McMaster University and been a guest reviewer at the University of 
Toronto, Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD), Ryerson University and 
the Los Angeles Institute of Architecture and Design (LAIAD).

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