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<nettime-ann> streams and workshop at transmediale.de
Adam Thomas on Wed, 17 Dec 2008 17:40:22 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> streams and workshop at transmediale.de

Dear all,

As part of its online programme, Berlin's festival for art and digital 
culture *transmediale.09 DEEP NORTH* will offer a curated package of 
live video streams from the House of World Cultures in Berlin from 28 
January to 1 February 2009.

Our team will broadcast over 50 hours of conferences, workshops, 
performances, film and interviews during the festival. Remote 
communities and individuals can interact daily with the festival and its 
participants via IRC chat, forums, video conferences and web-streams. 
Archive footage will be available on-demand the following day.

You can follow and find more information about the streams at 
www.transmediale.de/en/streams-main and post to our forum via 
www.transmediale.de/en/forum. Programme details, chat links and 
technical information on how to view the streams will be available shortly.

In addition, transmediale.09 has a very limited number of places left on 
its free Streaming Workshop, where participants will engage with new 
webcasting technologies and Open Source Software before transmitting the 
festival live as a hands-on member of the transmediale.09 stream team. 
More details on how to apply can be found at 

Best wishes, Adam

Adam Thomas
Hauptkoordinator - Online/Stream
+49 (0)1638 114214

transmediale.09 | 28 jan - 1 feb 2009
festival for art and digital culture berlin

klosterstr. 68 - 10179 berlin - germany
fon +49 30 24749 761 fax +49 30 24749 763

kulturprojekte berlin gmbh
aufsichtsratsvorsitzender volker heller
geschäftsführer moritz van dülmen
amtsgericht berlin charlottenburg, HRB 41312 B

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