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<nettime-ann> Call for Projects> INTERACTIVOS? Lima'09: Magic and Techno
Difusion Medialab-Prado on Mon, 22 Dec 2008 08:30:14 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Call for Projects> INTERACTIVOS? Lima'09: Magic and Technology


:: Please spread this call - thanks! ::

Call for Projects

INTERACTIVOS? Lima'09: Magic and Technology
International Project Development Workshop

Deadline for entries: February 15, 2009
Call for collaborators: March 6, 2009

Medialab-Prado and the Cultural Center of Spain in Lima (Peru) issue a call for the presentation of projects to be developed within the INTERACTIVOS?' Lima'09: Magic and Technology workshop, to be carried out in Lima from April 13 through 28, 2009.

The aim is the selection of a maximum of 8 proposals for the development of software pieces and interactive installations that propose a rethinking of the usual scenario in magic tricks. The workshop proposes to explore the use of open hardware and software tools in a collective and interdisciplinary manner in order to create technological prototypes with success in the Media from different perspectives: playful, creative and critical. The call is aimed at artists, magicians, engineers, musicians, programmers, designers, architects, hackers, psychologists, etc.

Contact: interactivos (at) medialab-prado.es
More information: http://medialab-prado.es/article/interactivos_lima08_magia_y_tecnologia

Organizers: Cultural Center of Spain in Lima (AECID) and Medialab-Prado (Madrid City Council)

Nerea García Garmendia
Área de Las Artes, Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Plaza de las Letras
Alameda, 15 28014 Madrid
Tfno. +34 914 202 754
difusion {AT} medialab-prado.es

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