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<nettime-ann> Urban Screens Reader - Call for Papers
Institute of Network Cultures on Fri, 6 Feb 2009 22:00:09 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Urban Screens Reader - Call for Papers



Following three successful Urban Screens events in Amsterdam (2005), Manchester (2007) and Melbourne (2008), we have started the preparations for an Urban Screens reader. This publication is produced by the Institute of Network Cultures in collaboration with the University of Melbourne, School of Culture and Communication. The publication will be the fifth publication in the INC reader series, and is to be launched in December 2009.


///Content areas:

Histories of Public Display

Art in Public Space

Curating, Programming, Partnerships

Publics and Public Space

Architecture and Media

Urban Screens Theory

Mediated Interaction

(Other topics may be suggested.)



We welcome papers, interviews, dialogues, essays, images (b/w), email exchanges, manifestos, with a max of 8,000 words. For scope and style, take a look at the previous INC readers (Incommunicado Reader, MyCreativity Reader, Video Vortex Reader) and the style guide (available at http://networkcultures.org/publications/inc-readers/urbanscreens/)


///Who should submit:

Urban screens theorists, researchers, artists, curators, producers, conference participants, people who had planned to attend but were unable to make it, and others.



Send your contributions to urbanscreens {AT} networkcultures.org before 3 April 2009.


///More information:

Call for Papers and style guide: http://networkcultures.org/publications/inc-readers/urbanscreens/. Contact: urbanscreens {AT} networkcultures.org.


Urban Screens events:

Urban Screens Amsterdam 2005: www.networkcultures.org/urbanscreens

Urban Screens Manchester 2007: www.manchesterurbanscreens.org.uk

Urban Screens Melbourne 2008: www.urbanscreens08.net


///About the reader series:

The INC reader series are derived from conference contributions and produced by the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam. They are available in print and pdf form.

Previously published in this series:


INC Reader #4: Geert Lovink and Sabine Niederer (eds.), Video Vortex Reader: Responses to YouTube, Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures, 2008.

The Video Vortex Reader is the first collection of critical texts to deal with the rapidly emerging world of online video – from its explosive rise in 2005 with YouTube, to its future as a significant form of personal media.


INC Reader #3: Geert Lovink and Ned Rossiter (eds.), MyCreativity Reader: A Critique of Creative Industries, Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures, 2007.

The MyCreativity Reader is a collection of critical research into the creative industries. The material develops out of the MyCreativity Convention on International Creative Industries Research held in Amsterdam, November 2006.


INC Reader #2: Katrien Jacobs, Marije Janssen and Matteo Pasquinelli (eds.), C’Lick Me: A Netporn Studies Reader, Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures, 2007.

C'lick Me: A Netporn Studies Reader is an anthology that collects the best material from two years of debate from The Art and Politics of Netporn 2005 conference to the 2007 C’Lick Me festival.


INC Reader #1: Geert Lovink and Soenke Zehle (eds.), Incommunicado Reader, Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures, 2005.

The Incommunicado Reader brings together papers written for the June 2005 event, and includes a CD-ROM of interviews with speakers.


More information: www.networkcultures.org/publications.

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