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<nettime-ann> CONF: SocialEast Seminar on Art and Espionage Courtauld Institute 27 February 2009

The Courtauld Institute of Art London, 1-7pm Friday 27 February 2009

This symposium considers the involvement of art during the Cold War with 
espionage, both on the level of international exchange and in specific 
national contexts. It deals with attempts within the Eastern Bloc to 
monitor artists through surveillance and networks of informers, the role 
of art espionage as an instrument of Sovietisation, and the methods used 
to control the involvement of artists in the international art world. 
There will also be discussion of the parallel role of Western 
organisations in activities from cultural espionage to the use of art as 
a propaganda weapon. The seminar will also consider artistic responses 
to the phenomenon of spying and the wider legacy of artistic espionage 
for the topography of contemporary art.

The symposium has been organised by SocialEast Forum in collaboration 
with The Courtauld Institute of Art Research Forum. The SocialEast Forum 
is conceived as a platform for innovative, transnational research on the 
art and visual culture of Eastern Europe. Based on active collaboration 
with institutes of art history across Europe and the involvement of 
prominent academics, curators and artists, SocialEast is an 
internationally-recognised generator of groundbreaking research into the 
art history of Eastern Europe during the Cold War. The SocialEast Forum 
was initiated by Dr. Reuben Fowkes at Manchester Metropolitan University 
in 2006 and documentation of the six preceding seminars can be found on 

For programme and booking details see:

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