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<nettime-ann> Queer Shorts is Chicago
Mason Dixon on Sat, 14 Feb 2009 22:40:05 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Queer Shorts is Chicago



Threat Level: An Evening of Queer Shorts is Chicago's bi-monthly
screening of queer short film and video work.  We are currently
accepting submissions for our March 27th screening at Elegant Mr.
Gallery in Chicago.

Is it queer?  Then we want it!  Are you queer?  Send it our way!

Submissions must be:

- postmarked by March 13th
- In English or with English subtitles
- submitted on DVD
- 20 minutes or less in length

**We are also accepting submissions for our May screening: MUSICALS!
All the guidelines are the same as above, and this time we're
challenging you to combine film, drama, and music to produce some
serious fabulousness!
Submissions due May 1st**

Please send submissions to:

Threat Level
c/o Rosskam/Feder
1265 W. Early #2
Chicago, IL 60660

Once you submit your piece, it will be entered into our collection for
this and future screenings.  Please know you will not get this copy
back! If you are selected for the March or May screening, we will ask
for a mini-DV master, which will be returned after the event.

Threat Level is co-created and co-curated by the members of MamSir
Productions, Moving Train Media and Actor Slash Model.  Proceeds from
the series benefits these filmmakers' current projects which each
address transgender artists, activists and communities.

Actor Slash Model, Moving Train Media and MamSir Productions are
fiscally sponsored by Beyondmedia Education (501c3).

myspace.com/threatlevelqueershorts <http://myspace.com/threatlevelqueershorts>

we appologize for any cross posting. we have worked out the kinks.
however, if you wish to be taken off this list please respond with the
 subject: "take me off the list please"

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