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<nettime-ann> New Essays on Criticism and Culture
Litteraria Pragensia on Sat, 14 Feb 2009 22:41:12 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> New Essays on Criticism and Culture

Litteraria Pragensia is pleased to announce the recent publication of:

SOLICITATIONS: Essays on Criticism & Culture

by Louis Armand

ISBN 80-7308-242-0 (paperback) 515pp, incl. index.

Publication date: December 2008

!!! New Expanded and Revised Edition !!!


Commencing with an analysis of the rhetoric of "crisis," Armand poses  
questions of central concern to the future of criticism and the  
institutions of knowledge. Focusing upon the role of technology in re- 
shaping the structures of human experience, language and cultural  
practice, this collection of essays offers a broad critique of the  
legacies of modernity and beyond.

Louis Armand is director of the Centre for Critical & Cultural Theory  
in the Philosophy Faculty of Charles University, Prague. His books  
include Incendiary Devices: Discourses of the Other (2006); Literate  
Technologies (2006) and Event-States (2007). http://litteraria.ff.cuni.cz/books/armand.html

Also available from Litteraria Pragensia:


by Louis Armand

ISBN 80-7308-138-5 (paperback). 250pp.

Publication date: October 2006


"Literate Technologies develops a general system of signs and meaning  
capable of combining theory and practice in a technological world, a  
world in which literature still has a vital role to play. The  
overarching effect is that of a concerted deployment of theories of  
language, signs, the letter, literacy and technology as applied to the  
works of the main literary experimenters of the 20th century. Armand  
unfolds a very convincing thesis that slowly displays its myriad  
ramifications."--Jean-Michel Rabate

"Armand is unafraid to ask the most basic questions, to go beyond the  
zone in which most cultural discussions operate in order to ask what  
underlies our capacity for thought, for imaging, for communication.  
Time and again he takes his reader to the edge of what is thinkable,  
subjecting familiar concepts to stringent analysis and casting an  
original light on old debates."--Derek Attridge


by Louis Armand

ISBN 80-7308-168-3 (paperback). 300pp.

Publication date: September 2007


Part 2 of Literate Technologies: Language, Cognition, Technicity.

Following from an earlier study of literate technologies, this volume  
seeks to examine a number of questions that inevitably come to  
surround any discussion of signification and dynamic systems;  
questions which concern the relationship between what is variously  
meant by the terms event and state, and which tend to coalesce around  
a number of problems to do with relativity and the discursive  
character of time or temporalisation, mediality, representation and  
the techno-logisation of presence. Such questions ultimately travel  
far afield, between ontology and classical epistemology, cybernetics  
and quantum physics, aesthetics and political science.

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