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<nettime-ann> Austin MGFest09 Call For Entry :: Deadline April 24th
Mason Dixon on Mon, 16 Feb 2009 17:44:54 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> Austin MGFest09 Call For Entry :: Deadline April 24th


Austin MGFest09 Call For Entry


Send us your finest minutes, your dreams realized, your fictions animated, your adventures recorded, your sweat and passion woven into something of beauty, and we will take it to audiences across the country. Selections will be screened during the 6th annual Motion Graphics Festival tour in Chicago, Boston, Austin, Atlanta and Washington DC.


Entry Deadline: Friday, April 24th, 2009

Austin screenings happen May 14-17, 2009

Entry Fee: $7

Full Info: http://mgfest.com/09/medium/


Selection Criteria

A. Visual Design The appearance of the video. The eye-candy. Is it graphically intriguing?

B. Functional Does it get its message across?

C. Audience How much investment does it require of audiences? How does it affect audiences?

D. Content Is the subject matter fascinating?

E. Creativity The unique and innovative approach. Does the motion picture have something no one has seen before?


The panel of judges are comprised of individuals from around the country and across the world.


Entry Guidelines

After filling out the online entry form and paying your entry fee, Please, send a playable DVD (NTSC or PAL) with your name and entry title to:
Motion Graphics Festival
1321 N Milwaukee Ave #510
Chicago, IL 60622, USA


Higher resolution formats may be requested as selection begins. Entries are not returned. We will try to contact you if your file is not working at the time of judging -- but this will significantly reduce your chances of success in the competition.

Entry length should be between 15 seconds and 15 minutes. Longer submissions are considered for feature presentation, but have a lower change of being accepted.


Multiple submissions are welcome, and do not require an additional entry fee. Please include information about every film you submit on a single entry form.


Both commercial and non-commercial work are explicitly encouraged. We screen entries from all genre and mediums: advertising, music video, narrative cinema, interstiacials, informational graphics, art film, documentary, interface and menu animation, live performance, and more.

The festival accepts entries from all over the world. Priority is given to more recent work from the last 2 years.


Entry must be original work unless it is submitted as an artistic interpretation or social history. All copyrights are assumed to be clear by the artist.


By entering the festival, you will be given a reduced rate to attend the MGFest screenings. Finalists in the competition are given a complimentary badge to the MGFest screenings. We will send you complete details on your discount registration options after your application is processed.


In addition to main public MGFest screenings, your Motion Graphic may be used for press preview screenings for publicity purposes.


Finalists will be notified via email when the selection completes.

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