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WORKSHOP in ARTELEKU, (Donostia, San Sebastian, SPAIN) www.arteleku.net


Physical interfaces, sensors and electronics for musical applications


FEBRUARY/25-26: Servando Barreiro

MARCH/5-6: David Cuartielles


 Participants: 12 maximum

Timetable: 10:00-14:00 / 16:00-20:00


ARTELEKU, Kristobaldegi 14, Loiola auzoa,


Tel: 943 45 36 62

www.arteleku.net/arteleku {AT} gipuzkoa.net



Theoretical/practical workshop aimed at artists and creators interested in sound, music, electronic engineering and interactive installations. This workshop sets out to show a variety of working methods and tools for the creation of sound installations or musical instruments going beyond the use of the computer as the principal tool to open up new creative possibilities through the use of different electronic devices as interfaces. The programme includes presentations of physical platforms such as Minia or Arduino guided by the developers themselves, as well as basic practical exercises leading to an infinity of sound applications. The workshop will consist of two different two-day sessions and does not require any specific prior knowledge about electronics.





25-26 February

Servando Barreiro: "Minia and other post-musical instruments "

- Presentation of the Open hardware sensor board “Minia” and others

- Introduction to Pure Data software and utility patches, sensors + computer + “electronic gadgets”.


5-6 March

David Cuartielles: "16KB of sound"

- Workshop on the creation of semi-autonomous musical bots.

- Techniques for generation, sampling and reproduction of sound in microcontrollers.

- The workshop will lead to the creation of a practical mini-project.





SERVANDO BARREIRO (Santiago de Compostela, 1979)


Having studied, as a higher sound technician, the development of electronic products and audiovisual communication, he works in the field of technological creation in his own projects such as Minitronics. In Madrid he became exposed to the world of live video / VJ and interactive art thanks, among other things, to experiences and knowledge gained in Medialab Madrid. Since 2008 he has lived in Berlin where he has come into contact with the electronics underground, hardware hacking, the "hacker ethic", pirate radio and experimental sound. At present, Barreiro devotes his time to developing hardware, creating interactive installations, giving workshops, exchanging knowledge and learning how to listen.


[www.servandobarreiro.es] [www.minitronics.net]



DAVID CUARTIELLES (Zaragoza, 1974)


Lecturer in interactive design at the University of Malmö, Sweden and co-author of the open source hardware platform Arduino (arduino.cc). His research centres on the creation of hardware and software tools for arts education and production. His latest projects have centred on 1scale1.com –a production laboratory located in an open-air skate park-, blushingboy.org –a platform for the creation and distribution of open hardware projects- and lab-in-a-box.cc –a repository for projects aimed at secondary education in technology and natural sciences. David never works alone. He insists that open projects need communities to enable the right kind of creation, growth and support. Research and education intermingle, allowing spectators to the process to become developers. Examples of this work can be found in the Arduino project, in collaborations with centres such as Medialab Prado or Hangar, and in educational projects for Spanish Cultural Centres in various countries.


[www.0j0.org] [www.arduino.cc]


Kepa Landa  ( Coordinador general )

Arteleku. Kristobaldegi 14 . 20014 Donostia - San Sebastián (Spain)
T: +(34) 943 45 36 62
     M: 618 619 163
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