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<nettime-ann> {JiaoCha Project} Exhibition / Performances : Museum Of Co
BlueScreen on Mon, 30 Mar 2009 19:06:14 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> {JiaoCha Project} Exhibition / Performances : Museum Of Contemporary Art, Taipei (Taiwan)

//(text for humans bellow)

001:: {AT} !#$%#% {AT}  {AT} ##(##******##&*(! {AT}  {AT} # {AT} )%%%;#; {AT} ;: {AT} #;;%%$#9)))&;:?/?/
~~~~~ J i a o C h a ~~~~~ {JiaoCha News # 02 | BlueMail # 25}
~ New JiaoCha Event today : Museum Of Contemporary Art, Taipei;
002:: {AT} !#$%#% {AT}  {AT} ##(##******##&*(! {AT}  {AT} # {AT} )%%%;#; {AT} ;: {AT} #;;%%$#9)))&;:?/?/
003::(&(#%#}{{}%$?#>< {AT} & {AT} )#()*><#*()) {AT} **%(& {AT} _))%( {AT} ?<#$ {AT} %**(( {AT} )%&#
006::____________> [global] JiaoCha Project 
008::____________> { http://www.jiaocha.org }
011::)(*&%$*#&^^^ {AT} &&$((( {AT} )$:#{{: {AT} ::: {AT} **&&$*()()() {AT} *&&^*$)%:# {AT} :>#
012::{}&#168;:#$)*(:%{{:)(*(%*)#)&#168;>< {AT} ?>$((*#()({}{++_)(# {AT} *(%)()))%)%%	
014::____________> [jian] a jiaocha experience
015::____________> Museum Of Contemporary Art, Taipei (Taiwan)
017::____________> Installation / Performances
018::____________> By BlueScreen && Huang Pei-Shan
020::____________> Produced By Puppet and its Double Company
023::____________> Exhibition: 03/27 > 04/26
024::____________> Performances: 03/27 > 03/29 && 04/17 > 04/19 
026::____________> http://www.mocataipei.org.tw/
028::&#168;}{{++*$)_$?><<>#}{$*()&#168;}{}{# {AT} _))*(*&*&*&*#(()<<%: {AT} %))(*QE$
029::_))*&%^ {AT} _)__$&#168;{}:$<<>? {AT} ))*%$* {AT} ()))$(* {AT} ()__)(*&$&&*&#*&* {AT} (((
030::))*&*((($*&&&__+$:?<<?>#{(***%*# {AT} & {AT} )*$:$#)(($())<><> {AT} )$&($*
032::____________> Some files:
035::--> http://taipei.jiaocha.org/img/dsc_6624.jpg 
036::--> http://taipei.jiaocha.org/img/dsc_6630.jpg
037::--> http://taipei.jiaocha.org/img/dsc_6636.jpg
038::--> http://taipei.jiaocha.org/img/dsc_6646.jpg
039::--> http://taipei.jiaocha.org/img/dsc_6656.jpg
040::--> http://taipei.jiaocha.org/img/dsc_6667.jpg
041::--> http://taipei.jiaocha.org/img/dsc_6696.jpg
042::--> http://taipei.jiaocha.org/img/dsc_6704.jpg
043::--> http://taipei.jiaocha.org/img/dsc_6722.jpg
044::--> http://taipei.jiaocha.org/img/dsc_6743.jpg
045::--> http://taipei.jiaocha.org/img/dsc_6749.jpg
046::--> http://taipei.jiaocha.org/img/dsc_6819.jpg
047::--> http://taipei.jiaocha.org/img/dsc_6820.jpg
048::--> http://taipei.jiaocha.org/img/dsc_6913.jpg
049::--> http://taipei.jiaocha.org/img/dsc_6917.jpg
050::--> http://taipei.jiaocha.org/img/dsc_7007.jpg
051::--> http://taipei.jiaocha.org/img/dsc_7131.jpg
052::--> http://taipei.jiaocha.org/img/dsc_7151.jpg
053::--> http://taipei.jiaocha.org/img/dsc_7154.jpg
054::--> http://taipei.jiaocha.org/img/dsc_7166.jpg
055::--> http://taipei.jiaocha.org/img/dsc_7178.jpg
056::--> http://taipei.jiaocha.org/img/dsc_7183.jpg
057::--> http://taipei.jiaocha.org/img/dsc_7204.jpg
059::_))*&%^ {AT} _)__$&#168;{}:$<<>? {AT} ))*%$* {AT} ()))$(* {AT} ()__)(*&$&&*&#*&* {AT} (((
060::)(%&$& {AT} &#%$& {AT} *($# {AT} :<?>$# {AT} }$(*% {AT} (($ {AT} >}$(&%( {AT} #(**($<{?>#{ {AT} (#)
061::))%_))&#8318;$%_)%?%:%_)>%?%$#) {AT} W)>$)>)# {AT} >>)# {AT} )%>>:#{ {AT} W))$ {AT} :<># {AT} :
063:: --> [jiaocha]
063:: Action of things infecting one another by encounter.
065:: State of things crossing each other, totally or partially.

There, waiting for one gaze. Like everyday, we meet without a word spoken, through the tacit agreement that gives our relationship such a unique fragrance. After all, we don't know anything about one another. Yet, there is always an intense moment in sharing the closeness that has developed through our silent exchanges. Then we let ourselves go looking at each other's images. From the overlapping of our images, it emerges one exceptional visual vibration. While people&#8217;s images overlaps mine, their unique lives and worlds appear in front of me. While my images overlap theirs, my own life and world gradually reveals. 

Background and online process

Behind the pseudonym of BlueScreen, my approach in the past ten years has been based on the singular use of communication media, such as the internet; and with the desire to fully consider them as artistic media. Sculpting digital material with the practice of codes and the use of languages is the emergence of this new artistic form with its inseparable media. Relevant information in this field is accessible at:

The idea of the project JiaoCha was born in 2004 after I spent some weeks in a city of Yunnan. It was a Chinese region where the population speaks almost exclusively Mandarin, a language that I do not speak. What initially challenged me were the non-verbal forms of communication that emanated from the contact with a population with which I did not share the language. When meanings disappeared to leave place to other things, there were some poetic exchanges which seem to spout out almost naturally with the absence of words. The starting point of the JiaoCha project was there: to allow, at the first time via the internet, the emergence of those sensitive experiences and poetic exchanges between distant individuals and the cultures of different languages. 

What happens when we lack words? Which particular language can be established beyond languages, the distances and the shared codes that melded such and such a language? What new rapports can emerge from the exchange and the fusion of pixels on a shared virtual surface?

The modality of the jiaocha process that I posed today have been gradually taken form the accumulated experiences from the past two years. This period of time will have been marked by the concept and the experiment of various processed non-verbal exchanges online and sometimes of what they experimented with some users in Europe and Asia. 

The online interface, developed specifically for this project, proposed to two users that know each other or not and to enter actual physical contact, but they continue a visual dialog with the successive exchange of jiaoca (crossing). It is not, however, the goal of the project in the production of such images but more the ephemeral true &#8211; life experience for those who practice it.

Present and international experiences 

Since the online opening of the JiaoCha process to the grand public, the project has progressively opened to different groups in many countries. Each one of these JiaoCha Experiences is an unique adventure. Based on a specific use of this JiaoCha process, different groups of people are implicated to push the project toward aother formal and significant level. &#38291; is one example. it was born from the meeting of BlueScreen and Peishan Huang, a young Taiwanese director. 

066:: --> [&#38291;]
067:: The light which goes through the slit of the door, an immaterial being, and the distance we cannot measure

The « in between » was born from the emptiness. Where there is distance, there is space; the space between the peoples, the space between the instants, the space between the fragments of time, and the space between yourself and your images. The lack of words shatters the notion of time, and implements a new distance between you and the world around: The image in front of you can suddenly be so distant as if behind the stage, while the past can reappear vividly next to the present.

The creation fancied by Pei-Shan Huang and BlueScreen is the result of one year working together in France and Taiwan. It is also the outcome of one-year exchange and the experiment with the Puppet and its double Theatre Company. We looked for junction points between our various sensitivities, between the Taiwanese culture and a certain occidental approach, but also between theatrical forms, contemporary art and new media.

It is not a matter of mixing or sticking to our own cultures but to look for a real crossing. We proposed, therefore, an experimental creation; a creation which will have to go out of its frames and try to cross border zones.
Thus, thanks for meeting our practices, we are trying to experiment new forms of communication.

For five weeks, the creation will be displayed on MOCA walls under the form of an interactive installation. Beyond what we commonly mean by installation, &#38291;is primarily a « space ». More than just to display the pictures, the installation is put in a way to allow people to perceive our environment, propose a moment to experience, and a time to share. It is like that between the walls and the people, that in the empty, it is happening.

During the six days of performance with the Puppet and its Double Company, the space will be inhabited and become alive. What takes place in the installation is not the theater itself, even less a puppet show. It is another dimention of a global creation. an experience which goes beyond the frames, plays with the space and the emptiness, makes the intangible space between the people visible. It drives you to rediscover your connections with others in a poetic way.

068::_))*&%^ {AT} _)__$&#168;{}:$<<>? {AT} ))*%$* {AT} ()))$(* {AT} ()__)(*&$&&*&#*&* {AT} (((
069::)(%&$& {AT} &#%$& {AT} *($# {AT} :<?>$# {AT} }$(*% {AT} (($ {AT} >}$(&%( {AT} #(**($<{?>#{ {AT} (#)
070::))%_))&#8318;$%_)%?%:%_)>%?%$#) {AT} W)>$)>)# {AT} >>)# {AT} )%>>:#{ {AT} W))$ {AT} :<># {AT} :
071::&#168;}{{++*$)_$?><<>#}{$*()&#168;}{}{# {AT} _))*(*&*&*&*#(()<<%: {AT} %))(*QE$
072::_))*&%^ {AT} _)__$&#168;{}:$<<>? {AT} ))*%$* {AT} ()))$(* {AT} ()__)(*&$&&*&#*&* {AT} (((
073::))*&*((($*&&&__+$:?<<?>#{(***%*# {AT} & {AT} )*$:$#)(($())<><> {AT} )$&($*
074::)(%&$& {AT} &#%$& {AT} *($# {AT} :<?>$# {AT} }$(*% {AT} (($ {AT} >}$(&%( {AT} #(**($<{?>#{ {AT} (#)
075::_))*&%^ {AT} _)__$&#168;{}:$<<>? {AT} ))*%$* {AT} ()))$(* {AT} ()__)(*&$&&*&#*&* {AT} (((
076::))*&*((($*&&&__+$:?<<?>#{(***%*# {AT} & {AT} )*$:$#)(($())<><> {AT} )$&($*
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