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Marieke Istha on Fri, 24 Apr 2009 11:12:40 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Netherlands Media Art Institute 30 years: here we are - There we go!

Here we are - there we go!
8, 9 and 10 May 2009 - 30 years NIMk open house weekend

=Symposium Friday 8 May from 9:00 – 18:00 hrs Trouwgebouw Amsterdam
=Projection on the NIMk building by Jan van Nuenen Friday and Saturday starting at sunset
=Open house Saturday 9 May 12:00 – 21:00 hrs
=Party Saturday 9 May 21:00 – 03:00 hrs
=Open huis Sunday 10 May 12:00 – 18:00 hrs

The Netherlands Media Art Institute is 30 years old! We're going to celebrate that with a long weekend full of discussions, visual art and technology. We raise a glass to the future, and invite everyone to join us in thinking about the art of tomorrow, about media art and digital culture in all shapes and varieties. What fundamental changes are heading our way as a result of technological innovation? What influence is the digital environment of tomorrow having on art and artists today? And what does all this mean for an institute like the Media Art Institute?

From May 8 through 10 there are presentations, performances, interventions, installations and projections in, on and around our building on the Keizersgracht. There is a conference in the Trouwgebouw, where we can talk about the future of media art together with artists, people from the field of culture, thinkers and innovators, under the title "Positions in flux". We're holding an Open House the whole weekend: the public is invited to drop in for conversations with artists in an open and relaxed atmosphere, to view the results from the Artlab, admire the designs for a new media art-mobile, see our newly refurbished mediatheque, and of course there will be lots of media art to see and experience. During the 'Open Platform: Think Ahead!' artists can make their pitch for new projects, one of which will finally be honored with a grant toward realisation. In the online project 'How I fell in love with Media Art' everyone who wants to can upload a short film, text or audio fragment in which they testify to their love for media art. Tell us – and others – why media art is one of the great loves of your life! Finally, there is a PARTY with dj's and performances and there are workshops for young. From May 8 through 10 you can meet the past, present and future in the Netherlands Media Art Institute.

Positions in flux: artists and institutions in the networked society
Location: Trouwgebouw Amsterdam
The symposium will center on some of the major parameters for the current and future development of contemporary art. In particular it will reflect on the aspect of cultural sustainability of art projects, art and technology initiatives and art curating. The symposium is comprised of three mutually connected panels: + Art goes politics with Hans Bernhard, Wafaa Bilal and Knowbotic Research, moderated by Chris Keulemans + New territories and cultures of the digital with Bronac Ferran, Nat Muller, Marcus Neustetter and Adam Somlai-Fischer, moderated by Rob van Kranenburg + Open Source – A scheme for art production and curating? with Marcos Garcia, Jaromil, Joasia Krysa, Femke Snelting and Renée Turner moderated by Josephine Bosma
Entrance 15,- (students 10,-)

The symposium will be streamed from the symposium venue, Trouw Amsterdam. Online audiences will have the opportunity to participate in the debate in online chat. The results of the debate and its main contributions are reviewed and published online on the new Media Art Platform.

More information and registration: http://www.nimk.nl

Open house
* Installations // Interventions by Jan van Nuenen, Physics Destorter; Flirtman, Silver & True; Lilia Perez Romero, Frontera v.2; Marnix de Nijs, Exploded views – Mapping Florence; Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand, Sonolevitation, with live spectroscopic video feed by Bas van Koolwijk; Constant Dullaart and the International Dance Party by Adad Hannah and Niklas Roy * Open Platform Think Ahead -- pitch your new media art work more information: http://www.nimk.nl *Mini backstages: Driessens & Verstappen, Erwin Olaf, Constant Dullaart and eddie d

Other activities:
*Presentations design new Media art Mobile (in collaboration with SKOR)
*Presentation new viewing set by Richard van Os (Üppig) & Annekatrien van Meegen
*Tours through the collection
*Curator for one day
*Open house: artlab, preservation and mediatheque
*How I fell in love with media art http://www.youtube.com/user/nimk30jaar
*WORKSHOPS for children age 4-6, 8-11 and 12-16 by Kristina Andersen, Audrey Samson and eddie d
*SCREENINGS Elephants Dream by Blender and works from the NIMk collection

DJ's RedNoseDistrikt and performances by Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand (sound spatialization by TeZ), Feedback Society and TokTek vs MNK

Program subject to change more details: http://www.nimk.nl

Thanks to: Mondriaan Foundation; Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst; powered by BeamSystems; CCCS, Palazzo Strozzi, Florence; Délégation générale du Québec des Bruxelles.

Netherlands Media Art Institute
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdam

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